Divyanka Tripathi gets engaged to Vivek Dahiya!



TV actress Divyanka Tripathi got engaged to her co-star Vivek Dahiya on Friday evening with only their immediate families in attendance in Chandigarh. “It was just for our loved ones to know that we are booked for each other. I didn’t want Divyanka’s profile to go up on a matrimonial site,” quips Vivek, who features with her in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

The actress recalls, “We were introduced to each other by a common friend last August for marriage prospects. After this, it was awkward for us to shoot together. But I don’t think our co-actors ever got a hint. There was no courtship as we were looking at the relationship culminating into marriage.”

Vivek adds, “Our friend felt we were like-minded people. We started meeting regularly only after we got our parents’ approval. We were both at a marriageable age and were not interested in a fling.”

Talking about what appears to be an overnight decision to exchange rings, he informs, “We were wary of delaying things as it has worked against us in the past. Once we were sure, we wanted to take the relationship to the next level.”

The couple fiercely guarded their love life from the prying eyes as they didn’t want to attract unwanted attention. Divyanka says, “At that time, we just wanted it to be a private affair and didn’t want to jinx it. Now, we are madly in love with each other.”

The date for the marriage will be finalised by the couple’s parents. When asked what attracted her to Vivek, the actress gushes, “I am a normal girl aspiring to lead a normal life with my partner. He is genuine and simple. He is also a guide who calms me when I’m stressed. He cares for me. It’s a comforting feeling. Everything is good about Vivek and women should envy me. Nazar Na lage.”. Well Divyanka we are very happy to know you finally found the right guy and got engaged.  If pictures are to go by you and Vivek both make a perfect pair!