OMG! Gautam Gulati’s look inspired from cricketer Ravi Shastri!


We have just got whiff of some scoop that is sure to catch your attention! The untold story of the controversial Azhar seems to have added another feather to its cap of controversies.

The look of Gautam Gulati, the new surprise addition to the cast of Azhar has been allegedly inspired from cricketer turned commentator Ravi Shastri.

Why is Ravi Shastri a part of this movie you may ask?

Going from the tales, there was obviously no bromance between these warring individuals. Although it was never accepted on record by both parties but the rift was pretty much clear.

While Azhar was caught in the midst of the biggest scandal of his life, Ravi was busy adding fuel to the fire! He was caught on camera as a part of sting operation making fun  of Azhar’s naivety as he got duped of 6 lakhs of rupees for a mere watch by another fellow cricketer.  A scorned Azhar obviously went on to rubbish these reports claiming that Ravi has always harboured a grudge against him.

Watch the Ravi Shastri sting operation here:

Though Azhar’s love affairs are known to the public, Ravi Shastri was no poster boy either. He was known to be in a relationship with Saif Ali Khan’s ex-wife, Amrita Singh although the two parted ways abruptly.

Much like the real life Ravi, television’s playboy Gautam’s hard work clearly seems to have paid off! The resemblance between the two is absolutely uncanny as can be seen in the pictures.

We will have to wait to see what the real life Ravi has to say about this!