Vivek Dahiya speaks on fiancee Divyanka Triapthi and impeding wedding on July 8!


Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya, who met on the set of their show Ye Hai Mohabbatein, have finally set their wedding date.

The couple, who got engaged a couple of months ago, will have an elaborate shaadi with sangeet, Mehndi, pheras and a reception. While the Sangeet and wedding will be held in Bhopal, the reception is being planned in Vivek’shometown,Chandigarh.

Vivek says “The baraat will reach Bhopal on July 7 for the sangeet and the wedding is on July 8. We will leave for a reception in Chandigarh on July 10.“ The couple also plans to have a reception in Mumbai.

On being asked about the secret of a successful relationship, Vivek says, ” The most important thing in a relationship is willingness. If two people come together  they should be willing to decide that they have to make this work and no problem should be big enough to cause a major difference between the two. If that attitude sustains or prevails then you have a strong bond of understanding. If that attitude sustains or prevails then you have a strong platform or a strong chassis to run your vehicle at under miles per hour.

The other most important thing is accept each other whole heartedly and love each other unconditionally irrespective of the weakness and short comings the other person has. It’s very easy to be in love with all the positive attribute of the partner’s personality but it’s hard to which initially everything is very rosy later the more time you spend you realize that your partner that you claim to love is not all perfect and that happens with everyone but in order to sustain a healthy relationship you must imbibe,  you must love those weaknesses and support them and strengthen those weaknesses rather than pointing out”.

He further adds, “We fell in love much after we started thinking about each other as life partners. We met through a common friend and the very first day we started looking at each other in that perspective so it’s only after few meetings that we started feeling for each other and we fell in love”.

Titbits by Vivek Dahiya-

Haute topic!

I am not a designer person. Now, I have started looking out for designers who specialise in men’s fashion. With everyone asking me about what I am going to wear, it’s high time I start looking for the chosen one for the D-Day. With the wedding on July 8, I feel I am little dumb about these matters (laughs loudly).

Traditional touch

Divyanka’s lehenga will come from my place, as per our tradition. My in-laws and parents are co-ordinating on the same matter.

What a match

She can wear red, pink or gold. I am cool with whatever colour she chooses. I will just match my bow-tie, tie or pocket square with her chosen hue. I will be happy just to see her as a bride. I will match her in a small fashionable way.

Shaadi shopping

I have requested the production house to give me some time for my preparations. Once in 10 days, I will get a day off to do my shopping. Yesterday, I visited a mall and looked around for some stuff. With the date so close, it’s daunting to know that you have to start from scratch. When you realise that there’s so much to be done, it’s pretty scary.

Close-knit affair

The wedding is going to be in Bhopal, Divyanka’s hometown. It will be a close-knit affair with family members and close friends. The guest list will include max 100-150 people. We will throw a cocktail party for our industry friends in Mumbai.

Wedding hotline

We are co-ordinating decorators, caterers, wedding planners, etc over the phone and WhatsApp. A majority of the work is being done by our parents and Divyanka’s sister, but we are involved as well in selecting the theme, menu and so on.