I think global warming is a serious issue- Aanushka Ramesh


Actress Aanushka Ramesh Who has done a Punjabi film titled Canada Di Flight is currently doing her debut Hindi film titled Mangal Ho talks about World environment day

5th June is World Environment Day. What you do from your side for environment ?
> I am extremely passionate about our environment and its conservation. I try and do whatever little bit I can in my capacity and also tell people to do the same, because I believe each person makes a difference. It is this earth on which we live and we must do everything we can to protect and conserve it. I try to do little things like save water, use as less plastic bags as possible, conserve food, not litter, save electricity etc
What people should do to save our environment ?
> I think everyone should do whatever is in their capacity for our environment. As I said earlier, saying no to plastic bags, recycling, saving water, giving away food instead of wasting it, not littering, turning off switches when not required, carpooling etc are some of the things we all can easily do. It just requires that little thought and concern for the environment and I sincerely hope all people start thinking this way.
Suggest a theme and slogan on World Environment Day?
> My theme would be that the earth is like our mother, that s why it’s called Mother Earth. So we should care and look after it like our own mother, because to sustain life on Earth, she is the most important. My slogan would be “Save your Mother, Save the Earth”
The theme for 2016 is “fight against the illegal trade in widlife”. Comment.
> I am completely against illegal trade in wildlife and cruelty to animals. I completely support this theme and will stand by it fully. I really love and am extremely passionate about animals. They are wonderful creatures and they belong in their natural habitats- free and wild. I am against animal testing for cosmetic products as well. I don’t use leather goods, no matter how good the brand because of my stand. I think people who engage in illegal trade should be severely punished. We should value our animal life just as we value humans
Do you love to plant saplings? 
> Yes I would love to plant saplings but I haven’t been able to do so of late. I love plants and would love to do so whenever the opportunity arises
What you think of global warming?
> I think Global warming is a serious issue and we all need to address it. I am not much aware of the scientific and larger implications, but I do know the depleting ozone layer, rising temperatures, and drastic climatic changes are all due to global warming. The use of air conditioners, aerosol sprays all lead to this. We should all try to restrict their uses, as much as we can, so at least on some level there s an improvement