I am a proud nude art model; posing nude professionally doesn’t mean you are of loose character: Ruhee Thakur



Ruhee Thakur is one brave girl. This Delhi based model believes in chasing her dreams and is not someone who will let negativity and cynics affect her mindset. Ruhee is a nude art model. She is confident about her body and art. And her story is that of real grit and determination.

After trying her hand at beauty pageants in her home town Dehradun, Ruhee found it difficult to try modelling on a more professional level as she was met with stiff resistance from her own parents. They were dead against Ruhee pursuing modelling. Down but not out, Ruhee decided to make it against all odds by her own free will and strength.


All alone she arrived in Delhi last year with money given by her parents. She was initially accompanied by her sister but she later left him and returned to Dehradun leaving Ruhee alone to fend for herself. Slowly, she managed to find a job in a call center and survived. In the mean time, she also started modelling. Seeing her pictures on Facebook some of them which were bold in nature got her parents angry. Ruhee says her parents even called her a ‘randi’ for posing bold in pictures.


The freak remark emboldened her stance to do nude art modelling out of vengeance. Off she left her inhibitions and started doing nude shoots. Says Ruhee, ” I wanted to prove a point to everyone. I get a lot of comments saying what I am doing is bad. But what is wrong if I am posing nude professionally. I am not sleeping around. I am not a prostitute. I am not a woman of loose character. This is art and I am doing my job as a professional. I have cut of all ties with my family. They don’t like what I am doing. When I was called a rand without being one, I just wanted to show how I can be a nude art model without doing or committing anything wrong.”

Speaking about nudes, Ruhee says, ” As a model, I have no inhibitions. When the camera is on, everything else fades away. I am absolutely confident about my body and have no issues posing nude. I make sure to work with a professional set of people and hence there is no awkwardness. International models pose nude. So why can’t we?”


For the moment, Ruhee is looking to make her name as an international nude art model and she hopes to achieve that with her honesty and hard-work.



  • Abhishek Mandal

    Is any legal papers needed for modeling photography ? besiaclly for fine art / concptual photography ….