“We are focused on transcending from just a great location to a complete production destination” – Paul Baker, Executive Director, Film & TV services, twofour54

The man of the moment – Paul Baker, Executive Director, Film & TV services, twofour54

Paul Baker is the executive director of twofour54′s film & TV services, which delivers production, post-production, media asset management and broadcast facilities to production companies, producers and broadcasters across the region and worldwide. In his role, Paul is responsible for overseeing operations and ongoing development of this market leading service. Paul brings a wealth of international experience to the role, having worked for Pinewood Shepperton PLC TV and Film production studios in addition to holding commercial roles within the media sector, including with News Corporation and Pearson.

Prior to joining twofour54 film & TV services, Paul Baker worked as the Executive Vice President of Pinewood USA Incorporated, the Los Angeles based subsidiary of Pinewood Shepperton PLC. Before establishing the US office Paul was based in the UK, playing a leading role in strategy development focused on large-scale TV growth, financing initiatives and attracting inward investment from Hollywood Majors. Paul holds an MBA from Henley Business School, where he majored in leadership and entrepreneurship. Baker spoke to during his recent visit to Mumbai – twofour54 and Abu Dhabi Film Commission (ADFC) hosted a gathering for India’s production executives in Mumbai last night to celebrate the success of Bollywood blockbuster Dishoom. The event was attended by the film’s producer, Sajid Nadiadwala, along with guests of honour Rohit Dhawan, Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez from Dishoom; and Kulmeet Makkar, the Chief Executive Officer of The Film & Television Producers Guild of India. Excerpts from the interview…

You have established a niche in the global film business within a short span of time. How did you achieve it and what’s the way forward?

In film production, location is the fundamental of the economics and Indian producers are well aware and conscious of its importance in the overall budget of the film. Twofour54 and Abu Dhabi Film Commission have always been trustworthy & transparent and that’s why we have made rapid strides from 2013 till date. Many producers have positively taken advantage of the incentive. Recently we have been focusing on building infrastructure, hardware, technological and resource support. We are now gearing up for Version 2.0 or Phase 2 of our offerings wherein we shall extend all kinds of vendor service-solutions support to producers shooting here. Several directors have their own creative vision and things may change overnight in terms of their demands – and we have respected their vision and offered support quickly for a new shoot at a new location with new sets. We are also conscious that the incentive shouldn’t get offset by other costs or delays in other requirements – for example transportation or lighting or equipment. We have recently initiated a partnership with Light N Light to ensure that the best-in-class lighting equipment and solutions are available to producers shooting in Abu Dhabi. In March 2016, Bollywood lighting specialists, Light N Light, joined the twofour54 media campus after choosing Abu Dhabi as the location for their expansion into the Middle East, further enhancing the Emirate’s industry infrastructure. Our focus is not on marketing one-offs but solutions & services for the global entertainment business.

How are you tapping new niche opportunities such as regional film market in India?

Regional film market in India is a very important addressable constituent of our prospective target market. We are aware that Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam films are becoming bigger and bigger. We have been building relationships with south Indian producers and very soon you will hear some major announcements. We have also been planning tours/ visits for producers from all across the world. Our promotional strategy is very direct and one-to-one resulting in positive buzz and word-of-mouth. We continue to engage producers.

How are you constantly aligning yourself to ever changing aspirations of producers?

Today, producers are not just looking at the Next Big Location but at a holistic picture as they have to make the movie project quickly, viable and profitable. I still feel that we have been successful till now but are still in the early stages of the evolutionary curve. We have tasted success of more than 25 major post productions in the last 3 years but there is more to come. We are proud to host two of the top grossing Hollywood films in recent times (Star Wars – The Force Awakens and Fast & Furious 7) but we are still firmly grounded. Abu Dhabi is the most modern city of the distant futurebut in addition to cityscapes, we have also built Arabic, Moroccan and Indian looking traditional sets here too. The architecture is incredible and the milieu can suit a sci-fi as well as a rustic set. We want to ensure that all our stakeholders benefit – Government or Hollywood or Indian film makers. The positive spinoff of attracting film productions is the additional business to the economy in terms of hotels, restaurants, shopping, airline and tourism. India has good relationships with Abu Dhabi as well as the UAE as a whole. We work together on all fronts to create features, advantages and benefits to all stakeholders. We have been promoting skill and talent from India for international film projects being shot in Abu Dhabi. We, in Abu Dhabi, are proud to tell international film producers that the finest world class crew is just 3 hours away in India. And we have a learnt a lot from Indians and their enterprise and entrepreneurship. Indian producers are always looking for cost efficiencies and simplistic solutions. The possibilities are endless. Our focus is very clear – transcend from location to a complete production destination. We want to emulate the successes of South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Morocco and Mexico amongst others. Abu Dhabi offers much more. Eventually, we see co-productions and film financing funds between India and Abu Dhabi.

From LtoR – Varun Dhawan, Jaqueline Fernandes, Ms. Maryam Al Mheiri (Acting Chief Executive officer- Abudhabi Film commission) Producer Sajid Nadiadwala, director – Rohit Dhawan and Mrs. Wardha Khan (Sajid Nadiadwala’s wife)

What were the key takeaways from Dishoom example?

Abu Dhabi is an ideal location for Indian productions, given its close proximity, strong transport links, diverse filming locations and the production expertise available through twofour54. Abu Dhabi has successfully served as the backdrop for several Bollywood films, most recently Dishoom, which filmed at 26 locations in the city over 38 filming days. This followed successful shoots in 2014 with Baby and Bang Bang! where twofour54 provided production services and as a result built up considerable understanding of the unique Bollywood format. While visiting the Dishoom set in Abu Dhabi, Sajid Nadiadwala, whose family have been in the industry for 60 years, commented that Abu Dhabi was a very film-friendly place and provided a great experience for his director, actors and producers. Abu Dhabi has been steadily building its film and television production infrastructure to enable the Emirate to attract and service large scale productions as well as more niche projects. twofour54 offers six studios as well as post production facilities unmatched anywhere else in the region. We have very good relationships with young talented filmmakers like Rohit Dhawan. As Varun Dhawan said – Abu Dhabi is a character in the film DishoomThey used a military chopper between skyscrapers, drove convertibles at 200 miles per hour and blew up speedboats in the middle of the ocean – all these can only happen in Abu Dhabi. Varun, who had been here during his childhood but worked here on a shoot for the first time only during Dishoom, had several fond memories. For instance, he mentioned that Abu Dhabi is the only place in the world where the ocean and desert are within a distance of each other. The Dishoom cast really looked as if they enjoyed every moment during the making of the film – and the film reflects their joy. We value their support and recognition. And similarly, we want to create value for all filmmakers and producers.


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twofour54 is a tax-free media free zone located at the heart of one of the fastest growing media markets in the world with attractive economic benefits for companies such as an easy licensing and business set-up services, 100% company ownership in a stable, tax-free environment.

twofour54 is a place where some of the biggest names in the industry call home and the perfect location for your business, big or small, to thrive and prosper.

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We are more than just a real estate offering. At twofour54 we offer media organisations a complete range of services that help drive your business forward.

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twofour54 Briefing Room – a first-of-its-kind online portal and new business tool where twofour54 partners access to hundreds of business brief and exclusive access to Abu Dhabi Government tender briefs which shortens the traditional tender process