Cast,crew and synopsis of Hindi film Wedding Anniversary releasing on 17th February 2017 all over

Cast, crew and synopsis of Hindi film Wedding Anniversary releasing on 17th February 2017 all over

Wedding Anniversary Movie
Poster of Wedding Anniversary Movie


Kahani and Nirbhay who are staying in Mumbai, had met in Goa more than a year back. Both of them matched at par with each other, they were together like hand & glove. Both of them had high morals and principals in life. They fell in love and got married.Being married for a year they both decided to celebrate their 1st anniversary in Goa only where they had first met. Kahani, leaves for Goa in the morning & Nirbhay is scheduled to join her in the evening.

Kahani reaches there first and starts preparing for the special night. She first goes to spa followed by shopping for all the requisites. In her journey during the day time she meets some memorable people who leave a mark on her mind and heart. She comes home and starts getting ready. She wants to dress like an angel for her husband on this special eve.

She is absolutely ready. The cake is delivered. The decoration is set.

She receives a call from her husband Nirbhay, who tells her that he is not able to take the flight because of professional reasons. Dejected, heartbroken and shattered… Kahani goes to sleep.

Woken up by door bell, Kahani in an angry mood goes & opens the door. She is taken aback to not find Nirbhay but an unknown alien face standing in front of her. It’s Nagarjuna, an old man and a writer by profession seeking shelter for a night.  Kahani unprepared for this doesn’t know how to react. But somehow in conversation Nagarjuna manages to convince her & stays over.

Kahani, who wanted to spend this special night with her husband is now struck with an alien person. Nagarjuna over the next 3-4 hours takes her to an unexpected trip which changes Kahani’s perception about love, life & relationships. He shows her a new world in which relationships and love have a new meaning.

Again she encounters all the faces and people whom she had seen throughout the day in Goa. These 3-4 hours become the most memorable part of her life. But before she could realize anything further, Nagarjuna has vanished leaving her alone in a new world, which is beautiful, where love is eternal and where relationships are bliss.

Nana Patekar and Mahie Gill
Nana Patekar and Mahie Gill from the Movie

Mahie Gill

Mahie Gill


Nana Patekar                 – Nagarjun
Mahie Gill                     – Kahani
Priyanshu Chatterjee      – Nirbhay
Shruti Marathe                – Nagarjun dream girl
Yatin Karyekar and Kanika Dang


Banner                             –  V K Productions

Presenter                         –  Bharat Shah
Producer                          –  Achut Naik,Kumar V Mahant
Writer Director                 – Shekhar  S Jha
Co-Producer                     – Nana Bandekar,Kamlesh Jhaveri
DOP                                  – Shanti Bhushan Roy
Music                                 – Abhishek Ray

Background Score          –  Abhishek Ray
Editor                                 – Aseem Sinha
Sound Designer                 – Nihar Ranjan Samal

Production Designer         – Asad Khan

Choreographer                  – Baba Yadav

Media Consultant               – Himanshu Jhunjhunwala Dwapar promoters

Action                                 – Kaushal Moses

Executive Producer           – Narshiv Pai


The Rainbow Song

Singers Abhishek Ray, Bhoomi Trivedi
Lyrics Abhiruchi Chand


Singer Abhinanda Sarkar
Lyrics Abhiruchi Chand

Ittefaqan-Valentine Waltz

Singers Abhishek Ray, Amika Shail
Lyrics Manvendra

Aaye Saiyan

Singer Bhoomi Trivedi
Lyrics Manvendra

Bidesia- The Stranger

Singer Ustad Rashid Khan, Shirsha Chakraborty
Lyrics Manvendra


Mahie Gill