Super Human Schedule- Ranveer works round the clock for a month

There  are many things that set Ranveer Singh apart from movie stars of this generation. One such aspect of his personality is his complete, unquestioned dedication to his work- be it films, brands or onstage acts. This ongoing month reproves that Ranveer works at a super human pace sometimes to meet all his commitments. He hasn’t had a single day off all month and doesn’t complain about working non stop, round the clock.
Ranveer Singh on his way to Switzerland
Ranveer Singh on his way to Switzerland
Ranveer shot for a brand before leaving for Switzerland where he represented the scenic nation’s tourism during the course of a whirlwind trip. Ranveer returns to India and dives immediately into  brand  related shoots. Then he immediately begins work on his ongoing, much awaited film Padmavati.
Says a source close to the actor, “As the financial year comes to a close, most brands want to wrap up their campaigns and commercials. Ranveer is working every day and at odd hours if needed, to complete all his shoots and commitments. When he works with a project- irrespective of a brand or a film- he gives it more than his 100 percent. Despite being stretched with so many shoots, and roles to handle, he is doing with complete focus. That just shows what an awesome professional he is.”