~A dedicated jingle for the noble cause was also launched at the event~

Dr Shelly Batra,President of Operation Asha, Darshan Kumar and Pia Bajpaai
Dr Shelly Batra,President of Operation Asha, Darshan Kumar and Pia Bajpaai at 92.7 BIG FM studio during the launch of TB awareness campaign

India’s largest and No.1 radio network, 92.7 BIG FM through its engaging shows and campaigns has always gone the extra mile in making its consumers aware about societal issues and concerns. On the occasion of World TB Day, 92.7 BIG FM and Operation Asha, an NGO dedicated to bringing tuberculosis treatment to the disadvantaged communities, came together to launch a TB awareness campaign in association with Social Access. The campaign aptly titled, #TBSeNaDariyo is aimed at breaking the myth that tuberculosis is a dreadful disease and can’t be cured. A dedicated jingle curated by Operation Asha for the initiative was also launched at the event.

Team Cutting the Cake
Team cutting the cake for campaign launch along with Founder, Social Access Lynn de Souza

The campaign was launched in the presence of Dr. Shelly Batra, President, Operation Asha, RJ Rani and the star cast of upcoming film, Mirza Juliet. Actors Darshan Kumar and Piaa Bajpai lent their support to the campaign and addressed the audience by briefly speaking about the disease and various myths surrounding it. The actors were also seen appreciating the entities for taking up such a noble initiative.

Operation Asha has added a light yet motivational element to the campaign by creating a dedicated jingle. The jingle titled ‘TB Se Na Dariyo’ in Hindi and ’Stay TB Free’ in English, sung by talented singer KC Loy was also launched at the event. Scripted and directed by screenwriter Jairaj Padmanabhan and music composed by duo Justin-Uday, the jingle perfectly brings out the essence of the initiative. The soft music of the jingle is combined with lyrics that would enlighten the listeners about the fact that tuberculosis can be easily fought by taking simple preventive measures.

Commenting on the occasion President, Operation Asha, Dr Shelly Batra said, Life is too short to worry. But things can go wrong. Illnesses happen. Diseases like TB loom ahead frighteningly. Let’s make a resolution today. We must eradicate TB in our lifetimes. Let’s all join the fight against TB, with a smile on our faces and courage in our hearts. #TBSeNaDariyo will lead to a revolution. It shall be our Anthem in the fight against TB. It will brighten the lives of those suffering from TB and give strength to patients and their families, and make their journey easy.”

Speaking on the association, RJ Rani from 92.7 BIG FM said, “92.7 BIG FM has always been at the forefront of taking up initiatives that matters to the society at large. We feel privileged to have associated with Operation Asha for #TBseNaDariyo campaign. This World TB Day, we are together spreading awareness among listeners on various ways to tackle tuberculosis and how it can be cured. With the addition of catchy jingle we hope to engage and educate more people and serve the purpose of the campaign.”

Actor Darshan Kumar present at the event to support to the campaign and talk about his upcoming film said, “Operation Asha and 92.7 BIG FM has taken up this great initiative of spreading awareness around tuberculosis. I know some people who were affected with TB, but were cured by taking proper medication. Hence, I would urge the citizens to not worry and follow proper medical routine if they or anyone they know are affected by TB. It’s great to be joining the cause on the occasion of World TB Day and guide the citizens. Likewise, I believe, with our movie `Mirza Juliet’ we are able to guide lovers while entertaining the audience as the movie is a complete package filled with action, drama and romance.”

Darshan Kumar and Pia Bajpaai
Darshan Kumar and Pia Bajpaai

Actress Pia Bajpaai who was there along with her co-star Darshan Kumar to promote their upcoming film ‘Mirza Juliet’ said, “I am extremely happy to be a part of Operation Asha along with 92.7 Big FM. It is really inspiring to see them do a wonderful job in spreading awareness around TB on this World TB day globally.”

Commenting on the occasion, Founder, Social Access Communications, Lynn de Souza, said, “Operation Asha is one of the most successful TB combating NGO’s in the world and Social Access was honored to be able to work on this simple focused project for them, that of dispelling the fear and ostracism surrounding this curable disease with a happy jingle that could reach the masses and let them know that if one took ones medicine regularly TB can be cured. Jairaj Padmanabhan wrote the lyrics, while Justin Uday Duo composed and produced the catchy tune sung by KC Loy. In a no fuss day long recording, Dr Shelly Batra, President of Opasha participated in the production of the jingle wholeheartedly. We hope #TBSeNaDariyo will help millions of sufferers and caregivers believe that hope is just a pill and a song away.”

The campaign launch will be aired across 32 stations on 92.7 BIG FM’s show BIG Heroes, engaging the listeners and informing them about the curable disease by etching the jingle in their minds.