Meet our hottie of the week – Shruti


Hot and classy is how you would define Shruti. This gorgeous model sure knows how to raise temperatures with her svelte body and impeccable posing skills which is why she is our hottie of the week.


How did modelling happen?

It was never planned. In my school days when me and my sister were just roaming some people approached me saying that they were looking for models and if I would like to be a part of it. I was cool with the idea and landed up in magazine Femina.


What do you like the most about modelling?

I like getting clicked and always got a feedback that I can work in international arena too. Such feedback kept me going and ofcourse seeing the picture after shoot is like falling in love with yourself.


You have a sizzling slim trim body. How do you maintain it?

Well  till now it’s because of my mom’s lovely cooked food and nothing more. But I’m looking forward to joining a gym soon.


I love your posing. What goes on in your mind when you stand infront of the camera?

I just need music and off I go.


How was your first ever lingerie shoot? Were you nervous?

Yes, I was really very nervous but then when I saw that my pictures were coming out really well it  made me confident. And the feedback I got was very encouraging.


Would you like to model for Victoria’s Secrets anytime?

I would love to.


What’s your best asset?

I think my jawline.


Any other concepts you would like to try?

There are many I wish to like something with neon photography. I also love art and want to become a photographer myself too.


If offered to be on the cover of Playboy, would you go nude?

Hmm it depends on the concept and how would that nude look.

Never say never, is it?

Haha. I like to keep trying always.


Body measurements:

Height : 5.4
Weight : 40
Complexion : fair
Vital stats :
Breast -32
Upper waist- 22
Lower waist – 30
Hip -32