Meet the brightest new face from Pune’s fashion world – the beautiful & talented Damini Misra

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-28 at 17.57.04From height to looks to confidence, Damini Misra has all it takes to be a top model

The name Damini means lightning. And it is a sizzling and strong lightning from Pune who is waiting in wings to take the fashion industry by storm soon. Meet the beauteous Damini Misra with a smile as enchanting as a princess and curves as classy as a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

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If beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, Damini’s walk on ramp or posing skills in front of the camera will certainly behold your undivided attention. And that is only one aspect of her personality. While looking good comes naturally to Damini (blame her goodlooking mother Priya’s genes), her other inborn skills- singing and dance- will only leave you with nothing but admiration for this lovely lass.

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Creatively blessed from her early childhood, Damini dreams of becoming a name to reckon in the international fashion fraternity and has her eyes set on the prestigious Victoria Secret’s where she wants to make a mark as one of its coveted Angels .

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And while she is on the cusp of breaking into new arenas in the fashion field, we decided to have a tete-a-tete with Damini to know her journey till date.

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It all started as a tiny tot when as a four-year old little Damini’s performance on stage at her nursery’s annual day got her great applause from teachers and other students’ parents.

Egged on by the encouragement received, Damini’s mother Priya realised her daughter was immensely gifted and her potential needed to be showcased on a larger stage.

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While the next few years were Damini’s formative years, soon when she was nine she bagged an ad with leading book store, Oxford as their lead model in the ad.

“They were looking for someone with long hair and I have always had nice lustrous lengthy hair. I auditioned and got selected. It was a my first ever tryst in front of arc lights and I absolutely loved it,” shares Damini.

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Destiny soon took Damini to Dubai where she was part of the highly acclaimed UK Broadway’s musical Annie.

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“It was the proudest moment ever for my mother who had tears in her eyes after I was selected. I was only too happy to make her happy. It was also a professionally enriching experience as I got to work with a team of international artistes and technicians. I got to learn a lot,’ says Damini.


In the meantime, she also kept learning new dance forms and also recorded many covers on YouTube while also performing at events.

” Dancing comes naturally to me. Salsa and jive are some of the forms I enjoy. I am also eager to learn more new dance forms. You can never be too young or old to learn,” emphasizes Damini.

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All this while standing throughout with her as her sole support was her dear mother Priya. “She is my Rock of Gibraltar. She is a single mother and has gone through a lot of hardships to raise me single-handedly without much support from any quarters. And she has always made sure that I get the best of all luxuries.”

Continues Damini, “I draw my strength and positive attitude from my mother. She is my role model in life. At the end of every concert, I see her eyes moist with tears. Whenever I am down and out, I turn to her to feel good. She is my best friend and closest confidante and there is nothing I can’t share with her. My dream is to make her happy and proud with my success and I live to chase that dream every single day.”

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Speaking of dreams, it is Victoria’s Secret that she ultimately wants to make a mark at. A challenge but not an impossible one.

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“I definitely want to go international. The world is opening to Indian talent with our actors making a mark in the West. I love Victoria’s Secret Angel. Which girl doesn’t? I do watch a lot of videos of VS to keep myself abreast with the developments. We have had Indian models like Ujwala Raut and Monikangana Dutta who modeled for them. I am confident about my looks and I am working out to get a more fitter body. So with one step at a time, VS is certainly a dream on the horizon that I would like to achieve,” says Damini before signing off.

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Professional details

Height:       5.8 & half
Vital stats : 36-29-38