Deepika Padukone accuses foreign media of racism


Deepika says foreign media calling her Priyanka Chopra is nothing short of racism.

Deepika Padukone today made her displeasure known over a past episode when she was mistakenly addressed as Priyanka Chopra when she was exiting Los Angeles airport in a foreign country. Speaking about the incident, Deepika said, “It’s not just me who should be offended but each one of you should also be offended because it’s not just ignorance but also racism. Two people of similar colour are not the same people. So, you as fellow Indians should be calling them out and educating them. Instead of encouraging it, you should be educating them.”

Interestingly Priyanka had also slammed the foreign media in a different manner over the same episode just recently. “I did see that and you know that’s just ignorance and it’s not right. I guess I’m the most popular brown face that everyone has known. Every brown girl does not look the same. Don’t mistake it. Let’s try and tell us apart. That was not right and it’s not fair, she is a massive star from India,’ Priyanka had said in an interview.