Lisa Ray spends wellness getaway at Atmantan Wellness Centre

lisa ray
Cancer survivor and actress Lisa Ray, who believes in taking moments out of the daily lives and take care of oneself, spent the long wellness weekend at Atmantan Wellness Resort.
Lisa Ray spent the weekend partaking in various activities like yogic kriyas, various breathing exercises, Atmantan Signature massage as well as rejuvenating facial therapies. Private Yoga sessions held by the yoga expert of the resort were offered, which the actress thoroughly enjoyed.
 “I’ve just had the most incredible, rejuvenating, meditative, relaxing, healing few days here at Atmantan which is remarkably just a few hours outside of Mumbai. It’s hard to believe it’s a world away from all the chaos, pollution and deadlines of our everyday life. As a cancer survivor, I honestly believe in investing in yourself, investing in your health, and, living a more harmonious lifestyle. And this can be more easily achieved by moving yourself from your everyday life and coming to a healing place like Atmantan”, Lisa explained towards in a conversation towards the end of her stay at Atmantan.