Ranveer’s Edgy, New Avatar as Desi Rapper and Face of Underground Music


Ranveer Singh is known to do everything with a fresh, innovative twist. So when an opportunity to present the underground desi rap genre in a new form came up,  Ranveer fulfilled his commitment  in signature style. This time, he has created a desi rap track with four new rappers, talents that he has collaborated with in creating  a song that brings fresh, disruptive content.This track will present Ranveer in a brand new avatar, bringing out another aspect of this versatile superstar.

In collaboration with a brand that he endorses, Ranveer has worked with four new rappers Spitfire,Slow cheetah,Devil the rhymer,Kaam  Bhari. Finding these rappers was a very elaborate and detailed process. The superstar personally listened to thousands of entries and patiently sifted through them. He then selected four best ones and has been working with them,  simultaneously preparing a cool new desi rap track, which also helps showcase their performance abilities.

To create this disruptive new track, the superstar has made many visits to the studio and the editing process, thoroughly working on every detail. Dedicating both time and effort, and collaborating on the creative process,  he has been a hands on co creator. Desi rap, an underground genre that is popular with youth, finds huge support and visibility with this effort by Ranveer.

Anushka Manchanda,who has collaborated with the superstar on creating this track, said “”I have really grown to love and respect Ranveer as an artist. He is committed to every step of the creative process, always open to ideas, but also very clear about what he wants. As producers Shikhar (my brother) and I are constantly surprised by him in the studio. As an editor, he lights up the screen for me. He gives us more than what we need, and he’s such a wonderful human being that it’s a pleasure to collaborate with him.

Most times with commercial music production houses and labels are generally afraid to back something that is not familiar. But the result of that is run of the mill art. We want to shake things up, introduce new sounds that are breaking out around the world to our audience here, and this is the perfect team to do it with.

This is my dream team. A brand that isn’t afraid to experiment, an artist who constantly pushes the envelope, a director who enjoys challenging the status quo, and my younger brother who can cause complete annihilation with the beats he creates. It’s been a blast!!” said Anushka Manchanda”

The thumping sound of desi rap together with a supercool Ranveer Singh promises to deliver a desi rap sound that could become a whole new genre in the contemporary Indian music scene.