Make way  for Madalina

With a strong screen presence and looks that could kill, Romanian actress Madalina Bellariu will surely take Bollywood by a storm, with her much awaited debut. The beauty, who is essentially from an Italian origin, is all set to be seen in her first Hindi film Dobaara, which is a remake of the American Horror film,  Oculus. The film is directed by Prawaal Raman and features the critically acclaimed and talented brother-sister pair, Saqib Salim and Huma Qureshi.
Madalina is best known for her role in Paolo Sarrentino’s popular show The Young Pope, a story about a first American Pope in history, played by famous British actor, Jude Law.
The actresss learnt the Meisner technique of acting from a school in London. Madalina, who always showed a keen interest in acting, participated in school plays since  she was little. It was in her 20s that the beauty decided to pursue acting professionally and move to the United Kingdom.
In Dobaara, produced by Relativity Media / B4U, Madalina plays Anna, a character central to the plot line of the film. Anna is the love interest of Huma and Saqib’s (playing brother sister in the film as well) father, played by Adil Hussain. His wife is played by Lisa Ray, who suspects her husband of having an affair with Anna. Soon there’s a shocking  turn of events with a murder and a haunted mirror left behind to continue the story. The story begins with Anna and whom  it ends with, is a mystery waiting to be  unraveled. Interestingly, aside from playing a seductress and the main character in the film, Madalina also plays a polyglot, speaking English, Italian, Romanian, French, Spanish and Hindi fluently.
After having made waves in the UK, it’s time for Madalina to shine bright in Bollywood and we are certain that she will! Watch the Romanian beauty spell magic in Dobaara on June 2, in theatres near you.