Meet the new hot sensation from South Africa – Shanice Simone Govender

Here’s presenting the hot and talented Shanice Simone Govender.
When was the first time you got hooked on to fashion?
In 2012 when I attended my first fashion show and saw those models own the runaway. Later I got onto the net and did every possible search to find out more about it. From there I just wanted to get involved and I got into pageants and small shoots.
When was the first time you realised you are hot and sexy?
As I was growing up I guess the compliments triggered that so I paid attention to them however this only happen in 2015.
Tell us about your first photoshoot?
I was nervous at first but after my encounter and tiny obsession, I got the hang of it. It was amazing and I get really comfortable doing it. Prior to my first shoot, I practiced a lot at home so I knew I always loved the camera

What’s your favourite pose?

I actually do, it turns out to be the hardest at the time, it’s like you’re sitting but in a squat position. Pictures come out lovely like that even those uninterested. Looking away from the camera in an angle.

Tell us about your first ever bikini shoot. How did you prepare?

It was a bikini shoot at first and I didn’t think I could pull it off. I even modelled around my room in a few just to get the hang of it before the shoot but when it was time for the shoot I guess all that fear went away and I was more excited than ever.
And how did it go?
It was amazing regardless of the fact that I was exposing more than I should normally for the camera and I was wet and oiled up, I had fun and I feel that the only way you could make a shoot like that go well is if you’re comfortable with your own skin and body as well as the photographer.
So what made you expose more than you should have.Was it just the high of wearing a bikini and flaunting your curves?
Part of that but mostly because I’ve always been told that it would go well with me and I’m always up for trying to new things especially since I hardly use to expose myself to that extent.

You have received offers for nudes too from photographers. How have you tackled them?

Plenty but regardless I knew that was never even an option for me to consider and also because I’m young. I think a major part of your personality. In the industry is your ability to not be naive and say no if you’re not willing to do such things. Its your mindset and attitude that counts, you’re the masterpiece.
You have a fabulous body. How do you maintain?
Just like any other female with a sweet tooth and extra live for food can be hard but I guess if you want the good body and the good food at the same time, you’ve gotta work for it. However I’m told often that it’s natural for me to stay in shape, I do workout often but not as much as the visuals. I play soccer and keep healthy and I balance my diet whenever it’s necessary.

You are curvy as opposed to skinny. Have you ever wanted to lose weight and be more slim?

Not in the least. I feel like I’d be too basic if so and curves are trendy these days. It’s actually the opposite, when I feel like I’m losing weight, I try to gain. 
Your hottest asset?
From what I hear from other people is my tummy which stays slim regardless and I’ve got a bit of a butt coming from compliments not me 😂

So you are the Beyonce of Africa?

I’ll take that as a compliment 😂

 If given a chance to walk Victoria Secrets, which colour would you choose?

Grey has always been my favorite with a bit of sparkle ans simply because it’s not as common.
An offer comes from Playboy, what would you say?
As big as the name is, again if you’ve set your mind along with your boundaries which is to refrain from such, I’d have to reject. Clean recognition will do.

By clean recognition do you mean nudity is not clean?

No no it’s beautiful but there’s a time for everything and a speciality for everyone. At this point for me, I admire it and the moments who go out there and do it but I won’t consider it anytime soon.


Your first date was?
2014, my second year of highschool

Tell us about your first kiss. Hit or flop?

Definitely a flop 😂 so inexperienced and it started raining, those things only look good in the movies.
The boy should have calmed you down or was he equally nervous?
I don’t think he was. He was a bit older than me.

Is it true girls are usually attracted to older men. If yes, why?

I’d say not so old but about three years older since boys tend to be immature abd childish.

Love for you is….

Being able to connect with someone who has mutual feelings for you. I honestly believe that people should not engage in relationships just for the sake of it. Commitment and trust as well as loyalty plays a major role but at this moment love isn’t an option for me.

Why not?

I’m more focused on other things like school and building a career and besides no one hit a spark while approaching me as yet.
Lust for you is…
Not something I’d engage in. Lust comes from the eyes and the intentions aren’t always good.

 Hottest man and hottest woman on the planet?

Trey songz, my childhood crush and I think rihanna is effortlessly. Gorgeous

Finally describe your kinda man. Someone who will sweep you off your feet?

I am a hopeless romantic however I’m a pessimistic so apart from being tall and handsome, I analyze personality even more. One that looks hard to approach yet shows a soft side just for me. A guy of intellect and a sense of humour with goals and ambition who also is a well conducted gentleman and who can cook 😂

Professional details:

Height – 1.65

Weight: 50kg

Vitals: 32 bust(cup size- B), 28 waist and 34 hips.