The hot Neetasha Singh from South Africa is our diva of the week


The very sexy Neetasha Singh talks about love, sex and going bold on screen.


Tell me about first time you posed in a bikini. Nervous or confident?

A little bit of both. I am from a traditional Indian family and I was born and raised in an Indian community. I grew up with two bigger brothers. When I was booked for my first bikini shoot I was completely confident in my skin however I was really nervous about the feedback I was going to get from my family , friends and community as a whole.


So how did it go. What was the reaction? 

The shoot hit the front page of our local news paper. The feedback I received was completely positive. Both my family and my community loved it . In the article I spoke about embracing your skin as a woman and being liberated by the size of your hips, chest , waist , you need to love yourself whole-heartedly and be completely comfortable in your skin.


I remember you telling about your aversion to waxing. Why?

I’m an absolute be natural freak , I try my hardest to stay as natural as I possibly can . I do not wear makeup everyday and I do not wash my hair everyday . I believe that you should only interfere with your skin and body if it is absolutely necessary. I was booked for a fashion show in Pakistan last month and they insisted I wax my hands for the show. I refused and said that I will only do so when I am going to get married . It is baby hair and I do not find the need to do it right away. I try my best to keen it 100% natural.


Tell me about your first date. How was it?

Well that’s a funny topic as my first date was really cute. I was a teenager and this boy liked me . He bought me flowers and delivered it to my school with food . It was during my lunch break and I was in Grade 12. Thereafter we went to dinner that night. He was extremely charming , my first love . We dated for two years and he even tattooed my name on his hand !!!


Was the first kiss a make or break deal for you. How did it go? 

Hahaha !! Firstly I didn’t know what I was doing  so I really didn’t know how to judge the guy kissing me. But I think it was good. I still can’t judge it up till now.

What’s your idea of a romantic date?

I am a sucker for romance. My heart melts to flowers and chocolates. So a romantic date for me would be candle lite dinner on the ocean with the moon out on a perfect Summer’s night with Kenny J playing in the background .


Wildest ever thing you have done for your partner? 

I’m super afraid of heights but I went parasailing in Mauritius with my partner .

Wildest thing your partner has ever done for you?

Make me queen of my promo. This is my ex boyfriend though


Whats been your toughest shoot till date?

My toughest shoot was a body painting shoot , I was completely naked and had to stay naked for 4 hours while they painted on me.


What’s been your hottest shoot till date?

Hottest would be a artistic topless shoot were I resembled a lioness. 

If you choose to pose nude, which photographer would it be for?

Russell James


 Quick ones –

Love: friendship set on fire
Lust: dangerous
One night stands: a bucket list item
Hottest man: Vin Diesel