Vidya Balan and child artiste Abhishek get teary-eyed as their co-actor completes his work on the film 

From the onset, the unit of T-Series and Ellipsis’ forthcoming collaboration ‘Tumhari Sulu’ has been working like a close-knit family. The shooting of the film is said to wrap early next week with Thursday being Manav’s last day on set.
While Vidya Balan, Neha Dhupia and Malishka have started shooting the radio portions on a swanky set in BKC, Manav was required for one last shot before wrapping up his role in the film. When he finished the shot, he got extremely emotional at the thought of bidding farewell to his colleagues., says a source. Interestingly, he had even brought his mother to the shoot and mentioned that it was the first time she visited his set!
A unit-member revealed, “Manav is extremely loved by the unit. He spent more than two months with the team over prep and shooting. He was teary-eyed as he bid adieu to everyone after giving his last shot and gave his screen wife (Vidya) and screen son (Abhishek) a tight hug, as both of them wept profusely. It was a beautiful family moment of sorts.”
The unit members stood in two lines opposite each other and cheered as a choked Manav walked through, with hands folded expressing his gratitude for the wonderful time he had shooting for the film. This was followed with a cake cutting for the talented actor, as a warm gesture from the Tumhari Sulu team.
Director Suresh Triveni recalls, “Other than being an amazing human being, Manav is the new-age Sanjeev Kumar – among the finest and most nuanced actors of our time. We will miss him on set!”
“This has been among my best shooting experiences. The team of ‘Tumhari Sulu’ has become a family during this unforgettable journey, which I will cherish for life.” Says Manav on being a part of Tumhari Sulu
The film releases worldwide on December 1.