Nivedita Basu’s short film – Friend Request released..!



Nivedita Basu who has made her presence felt on the digital medium of YouTube too, and certainly knows how to keep her audience on the edge. Nivedita is back with another spooky short film – Friend Request starring the popular TV actress Kanchi Singh. We all get friend request on Facebook and other social media accounts from strangers but sometimes there is more to it. So this film is about one such request. Nivedita shares, “I haven’t worked with Kanchi before, and Manav (director) was the one who got her to do this film. I think I would rate it 7 on a scale of 10. As a first attempt for a 2 minute movie, I think it was good. With time we will get better, and if it’s 7 now, may be after a month if you ask me for my next story, it might be a 10.”


Kanchi shares, “Firstly, the main thing I did Friend Request was because of Manav, as he is a very dear friend and secondly because of the concept which is horror and I had never done horror in my life. It’s something interesting, something new and it was great fun. It was the very first time I worked with Nivedita Basu, it was really nice and she is really sweet and humble. I just hope that the movie does well and our fans love it.”

Manav Bhinder, director shares, “Kanchi is a dear friend and a talented actor. We were planning to work together for some time. While working on this story I wanted someone beautiful and bubbly and Kanchi was perfect for the role. As a director this was the best opportunity and a platform given to me by the very talented and amazing producer Nivedita Basu.”

Here is the link of the movie: