Tubelight movie review: Salman Khan is the only silver lining


Tubelight has already opened in cinema screens in Dubai and Digital Strings owner Rohit Kerkar caught the second show of the much awaited Salman Khan film in one of the theatres in the oil rich land. And here’s his quick review.

A Salman Khan show: This one has Salman Khan leading all the way. Unlike Sultan and Bajrangi Bhaijaan which had other pivotal characters like Anushka Sharma and the girl child actor respectively. Tubelight however is all about Salman and he is perhaps the only silver lining.

Force fitted characters – A lot of characters are force fitted. The child actor Matin Rey Tangu and Chinese actress Zhu Zhu are not quitr pivotal to the plot of the film and look to be forcefully drafted in.

Average plot : The movie is an adaptation of Little Boy and the plot is an average one at the best. It doesn’t connect or resonate unlike Sultan or Bajrangi which could forge an emotional bond with audience.

Poor songs – The melody scored by Pritamis not up to the mark and one can trace a Bajrangi Bhaijaan hangover.

One dialogue repeated over and over again – ‘Yakeen hai’ is a dialogue that is repeated over and over again in the film many timea which makes it lose its relevance.

A slightly plump and out-of-shape Salman Khan – Call it the need of the character, Tubelight will not be remebered for Salman’s body. He looks to have put on weight especially on his tummy which is not a pleasing sight for aficionados since Salman is still adored as a fitness god.

Tubelight is strictly for Salman Khan fans and would go done as one of the most average films made by the talented Kabir Khan. Wish the plot was new and innovative.