Boring- a word that best describes Jagga Jasoos


Boring is the word that best describes Jagga Jasoos. The movie suffers from the same combination of ailments that afflicts most Bollywood films these days – bad story, bad screenplay and bad dialogues. So bored were viewers watching the movie at PVR theatre yesterday evening that many preferred chatting on their phones slowly becoming oblivious to the movie playing in the backdrop. A handful of them even left post interval. Infact, somewhere in the film we hear a character saying, ‘ Bore ho gaye na.’ Many shouted out loud – Yes, indeed.’

Ranbir as Jagga, I thought was a big misfit and miscast. Yes, he is a brilliant actor but I believe this role was tailor made for someone like a Hrithik Roshan. I wasn’t quite convinced with Ranbir’s stammering ways which for most part looked to be a forced act.

And who came up with this idea of having the lead character singing all his dialogues throughout the film? After a certain point it just gets on to your nerves and you wonder what on earth made Ranbir not just act but also produce this juvenile stuff. Which also makes me wonder what goes in Ranbir’s mind while choosing such subjects. This one had failure written all over it right from the very outset. This is not a brave attempt at doing brave cinema. This is being stupid by choosing a self indulgent subject that will find no resonance with the majority of masses. Why is it difficult for an actor of Ranbir’s calibre to find a subject that has a universal commercial appeal? Why this fixation to do self-indulgent movies? Ranbir is a born star and it is high time he starts justifying his status by taking up subjects that will make him the numero uno commercial superstar of B-town. He should take a leaf out of Varun Dhawan’s book. (The young Dhawan lad mixes it up well. He has hits as well as commercial acclaimed movies to his credit). If Ranbir continues with his penchant of choosing bloody bad scripts, he will soon turn into another Abhishek Bachchan and will be relegated to doing supporting leads in movies. And one certainly don’t want that to happen.

All hopes now rest on Rajkumar Hirani. Let’s hope he does to Ranbir what he did to Sanjay Dutt years ago with Munnabhai. The only solace this time is Ranbir is playing Dutt directed by Raju himself. Let’s wait for that.