Over 500 challengers, 2000 supporters, to run for wellness at ‘The Mumbai Ultra – 12 Hour Run’ on August 13



Shivaji Park Marathon Club, one of Mumbai’s leading running groups, is pleased to announce the fourth edition of ‘The Mumbai Ultra – 12 Hour Run’ on August 13. This is a free-of-cost non-commercial running event organised with the sole purpose of spreading the message of health and wellness.

More than 500 citizens from Mumbai and elsewhere in India will undertake the challenge. This includes 150 women and 100 armed forces and police personnel. The age group of participants ranges from xx-75 years.

Another 2000 are estimated to join for shorter durations over the day to support the challengers, gain the benefits of running and experience The Mumbai Ultra for themselves.

The Shivaji Park Marathon Club is one of Mumbai’s leading non-commercial organisations of dedicated amateur athletes, whose motto is ‘Choose wellness over illness’. Our members include people of all ages, communities, and professions, who have included running in their fitness regime to stay healthy and happy.

‘The Mumbai Ultra’ was conceived in 2014 as a 12-hour public run on the streets of Mumbai to raise awareness about the tremendous benefits of running. A natural activity for the human body, running brings a host of benefits including maintaining a healthy weight, stronger heart and lungs, more stamina, a stronger body, healthier joints, a happier and more confident disposition, and a ton of friends among its massive community. Running is suitable for almost anyone, being an easy and inexpensive way to stay fit.

“The body is many things to us, including the machinery with which we perform our various activities. It was designed to walk, run, jump, pull, push, stretch,” said Naveen Hegde,  one of the core organisers of The Mumbai Ultra and an avid marathoner.

“When kept in use, we retain our fitness well into our senior years. Else, the body atrophies, resulting in aches and pains as early as the late 20. So get off the chair, put on your shoes and go run,” he says.

Event Format


The Mumbai Ultra takes the format or an ultra marathon, which is a distance of over 42.2 kilometres.

Registration, which is free, closed on June 15, following an overwhelming response.

Participants will start the run at 5 am and continue till 5 pm. Over this time, they can run and walk, breaking during the day for mandatory medical check-ups, meals, and of course, selfies!

Every finisher is a winner and is awarded the Finisher’s Medal.

The route and arrangements


The route falls between The Mayor’s Bungalow at Shivaji Park and Worli Sea Face, a 11 kilometre loop both ways, or 5.5 kilometres one way. Volunteers comprising SPMC runners and their families, runners from around Mumbai, college students, residents and Mumbai Police, will man the route and aid stations to keep runners safe, comfortable and motivated.

Apart from the start point, we will have fully equipped aid stations at 3 locations along the 5.5km stretch, making it convenient for runners. Each aid station will be equipped with  water, energy drinks, assorted fresh fruits, salt, dates, jaggery, and snacks. Meals will be served during meal times. All aid stations will have physio therapists and first aid. Ambulances and volunteers on motor bikes will ply the route to manage emergencies, if any.


We are greatly for the enthusiastic support of the Mumbai running community, The Rotary Club, Shivaji Park, Volini Spray, Sion Hospital, KEM Hospital,  independent doctors, local businesses and citizens, who have come forward to support this worthy cause.


As runners, it is our wish that all experience the benefits of running, and invite everyone to join in on August 13, and take the message forward!