Popular model Shadab Khan dons the director’s hat with BA Pass 2

Shadab Khan, besides beginning his professional journey as an assistant editor to renowned editor Mr.M.S.Shinde(Sholay fame), moving onto working as an assistant director in films, also holds in his profile a highly illustrious career as a successful supermodel, having associated with leading national and international brands(Raymond, Gillete, Mach 3, Brylcreem, Reid and Taylor, Siyaram, Royal Challenge, Kingfisher, Denim soap and more), working with some of the topmost Indian and International ad film makers, and also walking the ramp for top fashion designers.
Finally, it his collection of experiences and insight into human behavior  that motivated him to write a script on the realities of a dream. He wrote a script portraying how todays youth holds on to a false sense of positivity and blind optimism in the course of  chasing their dreams for success, but fails to recognize their shortcomings and the need to work upon their skills and talent.
Shadab Khan presented his script to well-known Producer Narender Singh of Filmi Box, a man with over ten years of experience in production, marketing and distribution of films. With his keen eye, Narender Singh could identify the merit and potential of the script and decided to produce it as a feature film.
More so, noticing Shadabs confidence in his narration, Narender Singh found him the apt person to wear the Directors cap. This is how, Narender Singh gave Shadab the big opportunity to become the Director of the film. Now, Shadab Khan takes a big leap in his journey by establishing himself as a writer-director with his debut directorial venture, hindi feature film  B.A.Pass 2