Drishyam Films launches Drishyam Play with a soulful song “Khidki” composed by Amit Trivedi and sung by Mohan Kannan

 ~ The new initiative Drishyam Play has been designed to curate and promote fresh music from different parts of our country, beautifully fused with soulful lyrics and earthy vocals~

Drishyam Films launches a new initiative Drishyam Play to curate and promote fresh music from different parts of our country, beautifully fused with soulful lyrics and earthy/seasoned vocals.

The first music video is an inspirational song “Khidki” composed by the music composer Amit Trivedi.  The song will be featured in Drishyam Films’ upcoming film, Rukh and has been launched on Zee Music Company’s Youtube channel.

Amit Trivedi, the composer of Khidki says, “The song is an uplifting melody that talks of the small opportunities in life. It can be a beautiful morning or a fresh breeze of air that is knocking on your window. All you have to do is…. to open it and welcome the positivity.”

Thrilled with the collaboration with Drishyam Play, he adds: This is a great initiative by Drishyam team to promote fresh music, melodies and writing. It’s a great platform for an artist to express himself as there is complete freedom to experiment with the music.”

Manish Mundra, the founder and promoter of Drishyam Play, says “With Drishyam Films, we now have a brand that people trust to discover fresh talent and deliver good cinematic content. With Drishyam Play we want to replicate the same idea – to break away from stereotypical mainstream music and bridge the gap between talented musicians/lyricists/vocalists and meaningful cinema. We are very happy to start off our venture with such brilliant musicians such as Amit and Mohan and are really looking forward to what the audience has to say about the song.” 

Drishyam Play envisions to be a unique launch pad for promising musicians, composers, writers, and vocalists to establish themselves in a highly competitive music environment/industry.

The project is also an effort to bring back some elements and the old world charm of all the genres like Sufi, Folk, Ghazal, Thumris. Drishyam Play will be an indigenous process to select and curate tracks that will eventually become an integral part of movies produced by Drishyam Films.

Rukh directed by Atanu Mukherjee and starring Manoj Bajpayee is slated to release in theatres across India on October 27. A coming-of-age mystery-drama, the film features two soulful tracks by Amit Trivedi.

Here are more details on the song:

  • Music Composer – Amit Trivedi
  • Lyrics – Sidhant Mago
  • Singer – MohanKannan
  • Flute – Naveen
  • Additional vocals – Amit, Keshiaand Lara