Soundarya Sharma escapes death!

Set to make a debut in Anupam Kher’s Ranchi Diaries, Soundarya Sharma promises to be one of most noteworthy newcomers this year. Essaying the role of Gudiya, who aspires to be Shakira in the highly anticipated small-town tale, the gorgeous actress has attracted a million of followers over social media. 
An insider informs that Soundarya narrowly escaped death by accident, with minor injuries on her back, while shooting for her debut. A close source informs, “After the accident, the shoot was suspended and Soundarya resumed shooting after two days.”
Says Soundarya, “We were shooting on one of the highways in Ranchi. I was supposed to get out of a tow truck and walk into a car. But because of brake failure, the truck almost collided with me. Fortunately, I dodged it and escaped with bruises.”