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At a party, this is Sania’s vice!

I actually don’t party a lot , I party a little bit. But my parties are quite sober as compared to “other parties”. Im doing inverted commas right now guys. Because I don’t drink and I don’t smoke so my only vice is sheesha, that’s my only vice. So my party has to have sheesha because that’s the only time I indulge.


Who does she think is India’s biggest heartbreaks?

Salman Khan


Sania’s love advice for Parineeti

Parineeti’s love advice is – please love! She loves her friends, she loves her other relationships but im like buddy, let’s just find you a guy. But shes like nahi, shes a little choosy I think. so she doesn’t want to be with actors, which she’s also said on one of the shows. And she’s like I don’t want to be with actors, I don’t want this. Matlab woh set nahi hai, Bollywood ka dimaag nahi hai uska.

Sania’s funniest lover boy experience

There was this friend of mine actually and I always knew he was interested in me. So all of a sudden, this was years ago, it was my birthday and me and my mum share the same birthday so I always leave home after 12am. We cut the cake together, wish each other and everything and leave after that. So her friends come, my friends come and then, so that’s always been a rule since I was young. So my mum knew this friend really well, cause he’s a friend, he used to come over. So I get a call at around 11:55 or something and he’s like – can you come out? I was like no no I can’t come out now. I’m going to cut the cake with my mom and he’s like no, no, can you come to the balcony. So I bring my mum, we all go to the balcony and he’s like with a few guys. I don’t know who they were, you know, the random guys and he’s like bursting crackers at like 12 at night. And i was like, mum, I think you can go in. This is a little awkward. My friends still tease me. Aaya na, phatake phodke gaya.

Sania doesn’t want to give Leander Paes any advice 

I wouldn’t want to give him any advice on anything!

Sania being thrown out of the Falaknuma Palace

It was my party for becoming number 1 we had thrown and then there was an after party after the whole ceremony and everything, when everybody older left and everybody young came in. So we had a big night basically and it was a celebration and people jumped in the pool, with clothes on fortunately. And ya then at 5 o’clock they said listen, it’s really loud and we’re really sorry but you guys have to leave. And we were like, but we’ve paid for the room. I became number one in the world, come on, I deserve that kind of a party. But then we left. But it was lots of fun.

Sania confesses to being possessive

I need to be less possessive. I’m not insecure, im possessive. There is a big difference, I think. I just am and I would love to be a little bit less.

You will not believe the one show Sania Mirza was hooked on to! 

Listen, I liked that show ya. It was a sweet show. And my sister would be like, seriously? You’re going to sit in Wimbledon and you’re going to watch this?! And I was like listen, I have to go and find this website that shows Balika Vadhu. I somehow lost interest over the last couple of years but my mum used to watch. So whenever I would spend time with my mother, you have to sit and watch the serial. So obviously at some point I started getting interested and I was like accha, ab kya ho raha hai. And on the phone I’d be like mamma uska kya hua Anandi? I’ve always maintained in my interviews – do I look like the saas bahu type to you? But I am! But I’m over that phase now, I’ve moved on to cooler things like Suits.

Sania’s love advice for Neha

Don’t date people that long and not get married!

Who would think that Sania wasn’t a confident person!

You know I have to tell you that I was not a very confident person about my looks when I was growing up, I was a scrawny kid, I used to have a boycut. But I think it was a mental thing, right! Everyone used to talk about like.. this again comes down to a very disturbing thought process we have in our culture, sorry to make it serious but I want to always talk about it because it always came from everybody telling me that how dark I had become playing tennis, all the time, ya. I was told by my aunts and uncles to my parents that what are you doing, no one’s going to marry her, she is going to get tanned, like usko bithao, doctor banao, so they thought that they were wasting their time like kya what do you think yeh Martina Hingis banegi, yeh wimbledon khalegi, these were the comments that we dealt with, which is why today those same people have obviously come to us with their tail between their legs right! Because the were the ones who used to say it again and again but honestly I love to talk about this because I want to tell girls that listen guys who cares what the colour of your skin is, go after your dreams man, you will get a man believe me you will get a great man and even if you dont, it means nothing. You can still be your own person.


Sania talks about her shopping rule

I love shopping, but seriously I have rules with shopping, I know it sounds weird. The rule is that I do not shop in the middle or before a tournament starts, I shop only after, only if I do well at the tournament. It depends how well I do, how big my pay check is, to know how much I spend so a very good friend of mine, also my make up artist Bianca she was with me in Singapore and I was like yaar if I win tomorrow I will go buy this. She was just like buy it. I was like no no no if I win tomorrow. So I chose 4-5 pairs of shoes and I said after every round I will come and buy this. Basically the mall was in the hotel there, so it was very difficult to wait till the tournament got over. So I had to change my rule and make it a match by match rule.

Sania believes in earning every day in life

I feel that we travel 25 weeks a year yaar, we go to New York, Paris, Rome, Madrid. we go to the best places, to Melbourne and you can shop everywhere that way there will be no sort of limits, so that’s why I’m like. . you know what I should deserve it. I think you should earn it every single day of your life. I truly believe in that so I dont think like just because I have earned something last year I dont think live by that, I want to earn it again tomorrow and be able to celebrate it.

Sania is not a sore loser but very competitive

Im not a sore loser but I am very competitive, because losing is a part of my profession ya, its part of what we do, we have to lose alot of the times and we have to win alot of the times as well and the high that you get to win is unbelievable every athlete will tell you that. Also losing teaches us alot. So we cannot afford to be like bad losers! Till I’m in the game, it can be anything ya I want to play gotis and I want to beat you like I dont care.

Shoaib on losing to Sania in table tennis

We were in England and during the champions trophy after Paris I went there and we were spending sometime together I wasn’t playing that week so inlogo ke team room meih haina table tennis ka table tha, so one night we weren’t feeling sleepy, we came back from dinner and all  he was like chalo jaakar dekhte hai team room meih kuch khana vana hoga. So we have gone there for some dessert, chai, we were like oh lets have chai and there were couple of people sitting and they had table tennis so I was like come lets play table tennis and we started playing so I beat him the first time, at 11:45 at night I beat him and he was like ‘ek aur khelte hai’ he could not stop. And the next day we go out for dinner with a bunch of other cricketers and he goes to them and they speak in punjabi all of them, I can’t speak, I can understand. So they call biwi ‘Sadi budi’ and the guy goes to him, arey yaar sadi budi ne toh. .he was complaining something. He said sadi budi ne toh bada yeh kaha hai something so Shoaib says in punjabi, yaar tu toh mujhe keh raha hai, mujhe sharam aarahi hai, meih toh kal table tennis meih haar gaya sadi budi se. So we went that night again at 12 o clock and we played till 2:30 in the morning till he won then he beat me a few times and I said bas hogaya abh mujhe neend aarahi hai, meih ja rahi hu sone, mujhe packing karni hai.


Sania has split personalities

When I’m on tours I’m extremely different like I’ve got a split personality, which I need to have obviously so when I’m not playing tennis, not practicing, not on tour I can stay up all night. Mujhe subh nai uthana bas I hate waking up like subh jaldi. But when I’m on tour I sleep, I’m in bed like 9:30 – 10:00


Who does Sania Think is India’s biggest drama queen?

Karan Johar


Who does she think is India’s no1 calm the fuck down please

Arnab Goswami