Anil Charanjeett proves his mettle with hard hitting roles

The internet is buzzing with the msg of world peace and the reason is Anil charanjeett starrer Faqr Hai and Jihad Hai

Anil Charanjeett who has been seen in many Bollywood films is currently the new internet sensation. Reason? His two short films, “Faqr Hai and “Jihad Hai have become a massive success online.

Both the films not only have a very strong content but are also backed by powerful performances.

Lead actor Anil who is seen playing a terrorist in both the films has beautifully explained the true meaning of “JIHAD”. Along with putting light on the serious issue, he has managed to also add some lighter moments with his witty sense of humor. And that’s what has been loved by the audience.

Many Bollywood biggies have seen the film and have showered their praises on Anil.

According to his recent Facebook post – He is coming up with a new short film on this durga puja named The living idle which has already won 35 international short film Awards including 3 in best actor category. We would love to See him playing bigger roles in Big Films.


Watch the films here: