Acting in Secret Superstar was like a dream come true: Sneha Arun

The sizzling Sneha Arun plays the quintessential hottie in Secret Superstar. We spoke to the actress to know more about her experience. Excerpts from the interview.

Q: How did the film happen?

A: Like every normal audition, I auditioned for this film.

Q: What was your first reaction on getting to know that you will be in the same frame as Aamir Khan?

A: I was not at all aware of the scenes. I had auditioned for an anchor’s part which later got replaced by a male anchor. So the casting team called me again for another character and they told me that I might have scenes with Mr. Aamir Khan. I was too excited and gave my best during the audition so that I get the part.

Q: Describe the shoot experience?

A: Shoot experience was like a dream come true for me. I was not aware that my very first scene was going to be with Mr. AK. The moment he entered the set and shook hands with me I literally forgot my name. I tried my best to stay calm and hold the excitement. Watching him work is such a learning experience for any actor. He is extremely spontaneous and energetic.

Q: Tell us more about Aamir khan the human being from whatever you observed?

A: He is definitely not what we as an audience know about which is as a superstar. He’s much much more than that. Though he is a superstar, he’s a very calm and humble . He will communicate with his co actors, gets a very positive aura on the sets and is extremely focused and dedicated to his work. He has an extremely intimidating personality. And ofcourse, he’s too handsome.