MONEY TRADE COIN, the new age cryptocurrency, announced its partnership with the Royals of Bahrain to being Cyrptocurrency Trading and Wallet Services in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Money Trade Coin’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Amit Lakhanpal gave an elaborate description of the underlying Blockchain technology of Money Trade Coin as well as the KYC and AML Guidelines being followed by Money Trade Coin OÜ.


The event held on October 18 at Taj Mahal Palace Hotel was witnessed by H.E. Shaikh Dr. Khalid Mohammed Al Khalifa – Founder, Executive Chairman, Professor and Strategic Leadership of University College of Bahrain; President of also a member of the Royal Family of Bahrain,  Salma Al Kitbi, UAE Businesswoman and now Associated with Royal Family of Bahrain along with 20 other Industry Leaders.


Mr. Lakhanpal, the propagator of the “Cryptocurrency correct knowledge” also shared the launch of a full-fledged product array: Cryptocurrency Exchange, E-Academy and E-Portal. The trading platform will offer the possibility to inter exchange the different cryptocurrency coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Moreno, and shall be trading other listed coins soon.


Mr. Lakhanpal also shared the news of MONEY TRADE COIN GROUP’s 100% acquisition of SUMMIT WEALTH MANAGEMENT AG – ZUG, SWITZERLAND and his plans to begin operations by March 2018 where they will be able to branch out across the Globe with the usage of their own SWIFT Code for International Money Transfer. Mr. Lakhanpal also mentioned that with the acquisition of SUMMIT WEALTH MANAGEMENT AG – ZUG, SWITZERLAND, MONEY TRADE COIN GROUP is now a Member of ASSOCIATION ROMANDE DES IMTERMÉDIARES FINANCIERS(ARIF) with Membership Number: 2969. ARIF is a self-regulating body approved by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority(FINMA) for the supervision of Financial Intermediaries of the Swiss Federal Law on combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing in the Financial Sector (AMLA). ARIF is also recognized by FINMA as a professional organization for laying down rules of conduct relating to the practice of the profession of Independent Asset Manager within the meaning of the Swiss Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes(CISA).


Mr. Lakhanpal also explained how investors’ demand has increasingly swept from traditional practices to digital currency as a secure alternative to safeguard wealth, eliminate costs, increase efficiency and flexibility, and save time while transacting.


The Young CEO proudly discussed how MONEY TRADE COIN GROUP has expanded and spoke briefly about the various businesses currently under the Groups umbrella viz. Money Trade Coin LTD UK; Money Trade Coin Cryptocurrency Academy OÜ; Money Trade Coin OÜ; Money Trade Coin Exchange and Trading Platform OÜ; Money Trade Coin E-Commerce OÜ; Bitcoin Global FZE; Summit Wealth Management AG – Zug, Switzerland; Money Trade Coin Club Pvt. Ltd., Flintstone Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and currently Under process of Registration MTCX Silicon Oasis (Dubai UAE).


Also Mr. Lakhanpal answered questions and concerns raised by the Press with patience. Especially the ones which helped those present get a clear idea of what his Business Model is all about while being different from existing Cryptocurrencies in the environment.


Another important announcement Mr. Lakhanpal made was that MONEY TRADE COIN GROUP is preparing to bring about a hardfork in the MONEY TRADE COIN Cryptocurrency giving birth to a new Cryptocurrency named Summit Wealth Management (SWM) in the coming months. This new Cryptocurrency will cater to HNI Investors, catering to Fund Management and Wealth Management service requirements. SWM will be backed by Real Estate and the Blockchain will also functions as a Smart Contracts Platform.


Unique in its features “MONEY TRADE COIN” is a registered certified entity with a recognized identity, Mr. Amit Lakhanpal, a well-known businessman heading the Flintstone Group India and its IP is jointly owned by Bitcoin Global FZE, UAE and Money Trade Coin UK Ltd, licensed in: United Kingdom, Estonia, Switzerland and India. Flintstone Technologies Private Limited, the Indian exchange platform, shall be launched soon.