Kutumb The Family’ Will Give A Tough Fight To ‘Ittefaq’, Says Director Amit Shree Yadav

The film, ‘Kutumb The Family’, is set to release alongside Sidharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha starrer thriller ‘Ittefaq’, but the director of this film, Amit Shree Yadav, believes that despite the clash, his film will do a good business at the box office and will give a tough fight to ‘Ittefaq’.

Yadav said, “I do not believe in which time the cinema will run and neither do I think that I have taken any kind of risk by making a film on a family issue in today’s era, I believe that Whenever you make a good cinema, the public accepts that film with heart and heart. Both of these films are very different in their own way to stay at the box office. The audience of our film is different and their will be different.”

“Ittafaq is a big production film and in that sense it is a big movie, but I believe that a good movie is not small or big. I also believe that the cinema is neither of the villages nor the cities Instead, the cinema is for everyone, Kutumb is a good film and the film will give a tough fight to any movie being released. ” He continued.

These days, films are made very less on family issues and if some films are made then they can not do as much at the box office as it used to be a decade ago. May be the trend of these films has been reduced and if these kind of films are released with another big movie, then they do not sustain even at the box office.

Now, it is to see whether ‘Kutumb The Family’ give a tough fight to ‘Ittefaq’, or will be just a curse in front of it. Both the films will be released on November 3 this year.