Mark Ruffalo is happy his ‘The Hulk’ character is different and not ‘angry’!!

Mark Ruffalo, the Hulk, three-time Oscar nominee joins the likes of Chris HemsworthTom HiddlestonAnthony Hopkins, and Cate Blanchett as he reprises his role of Bruce Banner/the Hulk in  Thor Ragnarok, the third installment to Marvel’s wildly successful Thor franchise.

The action-packed superhero flick sees the Hulk reunite with his long lost ally, Thor, (Hemsworth) to save Asgard — Thor’s homeland — which is under threat by the almighty goddess of death, Hela (Blanchett).

But the actor was glad to change his role, from angry to little bit more fun!!

“I was getting a little frustrated with playing the Hulk because all he did was get angry all the time,” 49-year-old Mark Ruffalo said. For years, Mark explains, he’s wondered about the Incredible Hulk’s other character traits outside of “smashing and breaking stuff”.

In Thor Ragnarok, he broke and changed his character, “We set out to break all the rules of this movie and totally reinvent all the characters,” Mark says. “Thor’s totally different, Banner’s totally different, and the Hulk is totally different.”

The actor also spoke about women empowerment while promoting Thor Ragnarok

“The fact that so many women are now stepping forward and there’s space for them to do it,  and there’s a lot of support for them to do it, is probably the only way to move past this,'” he says.

At the very least, Mark is hopeful that the hundreds of women coming forward will help to spark conversations around what is acceptable behaviour and what isn’t for the next generation of men and women.

“I want to make a safe space for my sisters — my family, the people I love, and the women that I admire and respect — to come out and say this is wrong.”

Thor Ragnarok releases on 3rd November in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.