Sonali Kulkarni continues to impress in her film Kaccha Limbu!

No one can deny that Sonali Kulkarni has a powerful screen presence and craft like no other actress in the entertainment industry. The talented actresses’s raw and endearing performance in the recently released Marathi film, Kaccha Limbu, garnered a remarkable response, so much so that the film has won the Golden Calton for Best Film and was certified with a Jury Special Mention – Best Ensemble Performance at the 2nd Edinburgh Festival of Indian Films and Documentaries.
The film was recently screened at the 48th edition of International Film Festival of India, in Goa this year, where Sonali’s portrayal of a mother to a differently-abled teenager, won much appreciation of the film enthusiasts present there. Receiving praises for her acting chops, it is quite evident that the versatile actress is a favourite with critics as well as viewers.