Meet Yashvi Shukla – Dancer, Choreographer, Actor and Fitness trainer

Not many are blessed with eyes as expressive and ethereal as this young dancer, actor et al. They look at you like two deep lakes, simmering with mystery and that captivating smile only makes you go weak in the knees. Meet the multi-talented Yashvi Shukla

How did dance happen in your life?

Even before I could understand love, career, money or society, it was DANCE which ran through my blood. I was four when I first started dancing and by five I did my first ever dance show. Till 17, I took it as a hobby and completed various programs and courses. But on my 18th birthday, I promised myself to make dance my career. I then went ahead and graduated as a trained choreographer and started my journey

What are the dance forms you practise and teach

I practise ballet, bharatnatyam, modern contemporary, jazz, bollywood and social jive. I teach modern contemporary, contact improvisation, modern jazz, Bollywood and social jive.

What are the professional dance achievements you are proud of?

I have worked and assisted many foreign artists right from Steve Rooks to Khambatta dance company both based out of USA.

Why do you like teaching dance to aspiring students?

I feel teaching dance is the most blessed job on this planet and there are four reasons why I love teaching. First, the student is investing time in you and learning from you for which you should be grateful. Two, you get great satisfaction and happiness to see your students grow and learn. Third, you witness their proud transformation right from being a novice to beautiful dancer. Lastly, sharing knowledge is the best way to gather more knowledge and teaching is learning in itself.

You also teach Zumba and Pilates. Talk about it.

As a dancer or an athlete, your body needs the right balance of cardio and strength. Zumba is a fun workout and a brilliant one when it comes to cardio and stamina. Pilates is required to stabilise your body, make your muscles stronger, flexible and have a strong core.

Tell us, how did acting happen?

It was an absolute surprise. I was just assisting Lilian as a choreographer and was helping him put the whole video together. A day before the shoot while we were fixing costumes for everyone, the casting director looked at me and remarked, ‘Why don’t we ask her to act’. Voila! That is how it started.

And what came next?

It was followed by a single with me as a female lead that was released on ZEE Music.

Video link:

Any acting projects in the pipeline?

Currently I am shooting for a webseries. I also have plans of approaching big banners.

What kind of roles are you looking at playing?

I like roles that will challenge me in every possible way. Something that is unusual and not run-of-the-mill.

An actress who inspires you?

Priyanka Chopra. She is so versatile.

An actor you would love to romance on screen?

Akshay Kumar or Ranbir Kapoor. Romance would flow naturally for me 🙂

Professional details:

Age-       24

Height – 5’6

Vitals –    34 30 38


  • kalyan vishwakarma

    Yashvi you are “ROCKSTAR”