Weekend getaway to a resort – Outfit for the day – by Aditi Karnik

Christmas is already here and New Year will arrive soon. To make merry of this delightful festive holiday season, let’s get packing for a weekend trip to a beach resort. What comes to mind is COMFORT, RELAXATION, CASUAL, SERENE, REFRESHING defined in a stylish way. I chose to flaunt a contemporary look with this modish casual skirt amalgamating all the leisurely feelings.

Awaiting a long festive weekend trip, I was out shopping when I caught a glimpse of mannequins sporting abstractly designed skirts at MANGO. And the first thought to come gushing into my mind was a crop-top look with a long flowery skirt, the ideal look for a stroll around the beach and the resort.

Twirl and swirl in this elegant and beautiful long leafy flower-designed skirt from MANGO with a tucked-in crop-top look. A maroon crop-top from H&M compliments this chic-look just right to reflect the summer, just by the bay attire. Beat the heat with this stylish hat to flaunt an affluent look with naked-color ballerina magnifying the bright colors of your skirt.

#Tip of the day: Nail the colours to flash elegance

To get the colour of your TOP right with multi-coloured bottoms, choose the least dominant colour to add richness to your look.

Look classy and dashing in this outfit of the day!!

About the author:

Aditi Karnik is a banker turned fashion blogger. She believes life may not be perfect but your outfit can be. A bon vivant by nature, Aditi’s sense of fashion revolves around five Cs – chic, classic, classy, cool and cute. From writing about current fashion trends to helping you choose your best outfit, she can be your perfect sartorial guide. In her free time, Aditi likes exploring new destinations and playing tennis.

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