Meet the hottest model of 2017 – South African sensation Neetasha Singh

In her boldest interview, Neetasha Singh talks about love, sex and everything in between the sheets.

The first man you fantasized about?

A guy named Isaac Azeez I had such an enormous crush on him . He was tall dark and handsome . I was young , young and young , I was extremely young . But there’s certain things in your life you won’t forget.

Is the first kiss a deal maker or breaker?

Well , I think it’s actually a very complex situation because I think kissing is an art – and art can only become more precious as time progresses . I think kissing can only become better and more exciting by how often you do it. It’s the same as driving , you get better at it with time and practice. So kissing for me is all about the experience you have with it. I’m extremely romantic and I love kissing !!! It’s the most passionate expression of your love to your partner .

What turns you on?

I am crazy about touch and smells . I love a well built man , well groomed who smells amazing . I love a strong man . I have a very feisty character and my man needs to be as strong as I am or I will not hold interest in him for a long period. He has to be able to take complete control or I will over power him , more than anything I am turned on by a successful , ambitious , kind and honest man and if he has a 6 pack then it’s a bonus .

What qualities makes a man sexy in bed?

Gentleness , passion , romance , a man knowing what he wants is always so sexy , I find a man that’s determined is always my kind off guy . I believe in perseverance , a man that can put in the hard work to win the trophy at the end is just so sexy !!!

Hottest man you want to date?

Vin Diesel 

Sex in morning, sex at night or sex right now. What do you prefer?

Hahahaha what about all three.

Have you mentally stripped any man?

Most definitely Sidharth Malhotra

Wildest thing you have done till date?

Widest thing I’ve done was in Amsterdam. I watched a live sex show by mistake – A live show with different sex acts .

Your hottest asset?

I LOVE MY LONG LEGS. I live in shorts back home in South Africa 1. Because we have the most gorgeous sunny days and two because I just want to show off my long sexy legs