Dipti Kalwani: 2017 was challenging but helped me grow

Producer Dipti Kalwani of Sunny Side Up, whose show Badho Bahu is doing very well, says the she has grown a lot in the past year. The producer adds that the year also brought with it different genres and stories. “2017 was challenging in a lot of ways but helped me in becoming more disciplined.  I am hoping 2018 will be more fun and happiness for everyone.  2017 was about a lot of good stories narrated with humour, a trend I feel that will continue for some time,” she says.

Dipti looks forward to interesting work in the future. “Have written some new stories and I am looking for new platforms to tell them. Will be announcing my new projects soon. The only way to face competition is to remain yourself and write stories that you will believe in,” she says.

She further adds,  “I started my production house cause I wanted to tell the stories I liked. It was a very simple reason,” she says.  The young producer has been making a mark for herself with the right choice of projects. However, it is not as easy as it appears. “Producing a show comes with many challenges on a daily basis, it is exhausting by the end of the day, but the creative satisfaction of work balances it out for me,” says Dipti.
Many accuse television to be dominated by the TRP game. However, Dipti defends the norm. “Yes, at the end of the day it’s all business so the TRPs do govern our lives,” she says. With the arrival of digital space, the television audience is getting divided. Dipti predicts that the competition will get tougher for the world of television one day or the other. “Digital space will affect television sooner than later, a lot of television sponsors will move to other platforms. I feel it’s going to get far more competitive,” she says. Badho Bahu ion & TV is still going great guns keeping the audiences glued to its story with twists and turns regularly.