Reviving the crafts of  Itijame Shibori, Designer Kamaldeep Kaur launched her new collection

Ace Gujarat based Designer Kamaldeep Kaur launches her new collection of sarees which is crafted with the unique techniques of Baandhani and Itijame Shibori .The collection is crafted by skilful craftswomen using rare and unique technique which involves the meticulous tying of 1000s of dots together. It takes about a year to complete each saree. 

Kamaldeep’s new collection has been designed keeping the aesthetics of craft intact and infused with the charm of contemporary silhouette. The collection is inspired by different cultures, traditions and nature. She has been particularly inspired by Japan and Africa

Designer Kamaldeep Kaur says “This collection is a tribute to all of these people, the women who spend hours and hours from their life to make these amazingly beautiful pieces .Time that they could have spent with their own families, but then they also have dreams. Small dreams, small desires, to fulfil them they make these stunning pieces”

 Designer Kamaldeep Kaur has formerly worked for the Ministry of Textiles and the Gujarat State Emporium for various design development projects in tie and dye from 1998 to 2006. A revivalist, designer Kamaldeep Kaur has also authored a book “Resources Usage and Practices in the Hand Printing Industry of Rajasthan”.  Being a renowned expert in this field, she is invited from all around the work to give presentation and workshops on Working with Natural Dyes, Techniques of Bandhani, Lehriya etc.


Kamaldeep’s focus has been on quality and to promote this quality all over the world, informing people of the rich traditions in craft and the high level of skill of craftspeople in India, and with an aim to rid the view of India’s cloth production existing solely of the cheap mass-produced garments