Imbibing your own style! Fine tuning to western dressing – Aditi Karnik

I have always had a penchant for western dresses. They fit well and can be worn for a plethora of events; be it formal, party or a simple casual hop around in the evening. Western wear seem to accentuate the style in me.

I recently happened to visit the newly launched store of Project Eve and was bowled over by the great collection they have to offer. But what I ultimately fell for was this printed Zipper knee-length dress. A slightly quirky addition to my wardrobe, this dress gave me just the look I would want to flaunt for a weekend brunch at a sea-facing hotel with my family.

The geometric prints with a hint of florescent orange instilling vibrancy ticked my first set of criteria. The style parameters – ZIPPER with a collar rendering a semi-formal yet casual look. Lastly, the most important factor being the comfort & elegance the dress afforded. Apart from the comfortable fitting, it had “pockets”- giving an impression of a jacket – “Perfect for a stylish shot!!

Get the contemporary style sirens ringing by adding pep to your steps with black peep-toes. I chose to naturally style my hair in a top bun, adorned with long golden swirl earnings sharpening the glamour look.

#Tipping point: Western dresses have a marked versatility providing scope to play around with styling. Keep it simple to flaunt a dapper look. While chasing alluring trends, opt for the right fit. Elegance is a blend of a perfect fit and the right attitude to carry it.

About the blogger:

Aditi Karnik is a banker turned fashion blogger. She believes life may not be perfect but your outfit can be. A bon vivant by nature, Aditi’s sense of fashion revolves around five Cs – chic, classic, classy, cool and cute. From writing about current fashion trends to helping you choose your best outfit, she can be your perfect sartorial guide. In her free time, Aditi likes exploring new destinations and playing tennis.

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