Shilpa has set new benchmarks in the Bigg Boss house

Actor Shilpa Shinde’s brother Ashutosh Shinde says that he is proud to see the position that his sister enjoys in the Bigg Boss house. He adds that Shilpa will be an inspiration to others who come to stay in the house as well. “It feels great to see Shilpa winning hearts. She has set new benchmarks for the contestants of the upcoming season on one of the biggest reality shows of Indian television,” he says.

Her equation with celebrity contestants Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan has been the talk of the nation. While with Vikas, it became bad to good to again worse, Hina was somebody she couldn’t see eye-to-eye. “Sometimes some equations don’t match up in that house. Not that they aren’t friends but they somehow couldn’t get along well to be portrayed as good friends,” he says.

Every action of Shilpa has been captured on camera and there are somethings that her fans got to know about her. “She is emotional but isn’t too expressive or vocal about her feelings, which probably is being perceived as emotionless. She is somebody who can’t show her emotions freely and frequently. That has what people have got to know about her,” he says.

Ask him what he is most proud of, and Ashutosh says, “I am proud of Shilpa for her patience, selflessness and confidence on the show.”

Ashutosh has a lot of surprises planned for Shilp’s once she comes home. “I will request Aai ( mother) to cook all her favourite dishes while she rests. I will also plan a holiday for her, which, I guess, she needs the most,” he says.