Meet Pankhuri Mehrotra, the youngest contestant to shine at Times Fresh Face


Pankhuri Mehrotra was beauty, confidence and grace personified at the Times Fresh Face Mumbai finals held recently. The 16-year-old contestant impressed one and all with her speech, ramp walk and agile dance moves. Her performance on ‘Baby Doll’ received maximum applause from one and all. In this interview, Pankhuri talks about her modelling dreams.

Have you always been interested in pageants and modelling? How did it happen?

Pageants and modelling have been my childhood passion. It so happened that the fresh face team came to my college. I participated an was declared the winner from my college. That is how I got a chance to portray my passion.

How did you prepare for it?

As I am passionate about dancing it was easy for me to prepare a dance choreography performance. For the introduction round, my mother helped and for the q n a round it was my spontaneity that helped me. Besides this, for the finale Alesia Raut groomed me.

You danced the best.Tell me a bit about your passion for dance. Are you trained in any dance forms. Which songs are your favourite?

My passion for dancing started when I was 3 years old. I am not a trained dancer. I learnt by watching videos. I am not trained in any particular dance form but Bollywood and hip hop are my personal favourites. I love to dance on Bollywood as well as fast paced English songs.

The baby doll dance performed by you got maximum applause. Even Sunny Leone would have appreciated that performance. How and why did you choose the song for your final performance. I am sure you must have juggled other options too?

Yes. I was confused as I had many options in mind. But Baby Doll song caught my attention because it is one of my favorites.

Were u disappointed when you didn’t come in the final three? I thought you deserved to be there.

Obviously I was disappointed because I had worked really hard for it.

Who is your inspiration when it comes to fashion?

Gigi Hadid is my inspiration when it comes to fashion.

What are your future plans as far as modelling goes? Are you planning Miss India too?

I want to become a professional model. I am just 16 now and will surely try for Miss India when I’ll be 18.

Acting dreams?

Modelling is my love but not acting.

Professional details

Height – 5’6

Weight- 48

Vitals – 30-28-33