Meet Sofie, a law professor cum cat lover activist who rescues stray cats

It is not everyday you come across a human being who shows deep care and concern for the feline community. While dogs and cows do receive the love and adoration of humans, cats on streets are the ignored lot. Unlike the dog community which is spayed by BMC, cats are left to fend for themselves on streets. Sofie who is actively championing the cause of neutering cats something that is yet not undertaken by the civic authorities.

Sofie has been running from pillar to post to get BMC to sanction spaying of cats. ” It’s been a long fight but it is not over yet. I have written letters to the PM, CM and many other government authorities but I have not received any response from them yet. However that will not deter me and I will continue struggling till I get spaying sanctioned for cats. Spaying them will help prevent many harmful diseases.”

Sofie’s love for cats began years ago when she started caring for cats in the vicinity of her building in Sion. ” I developed an instant connect with these lovely feline community. I rescued a small kitten in my area. It was suffering from eye infection and I took it to the doctor immediately. This was many years ago. Today I try and rescue cats whenever and wherever I can.”

She has also offered proper burial to dead cats. ” It is painful to see dead cats’ bodies rotting away. If I come across, I try to give them a proper burial.

For the moment, Sofie has been spending money from her own pocket. With no help in sight, Sofie is disappointed but she has not lost hope. “Hope is what we live on. I am campaigning in the good hope that the BMC will include cats under ABC act.”

Let’s hope BMC and other relevant authorities will take note and help Sofie in this noble cause.