Mastraam fame Rahul Bagga and Shrashti Maheshwari shares ‘Tom & Jerry’ chemistry on the sets of Shaadi Teri Bajayenge Hum Band! 

Shrashti Maheswari and Rahul Bagga, who will be seen sharing the screen space for the first time in Gurpreet Sondh’s forthcoming film, Shaadi Teri Bajayenge Hum Band, had a whale of a time working with each other.
The two talented actors who plays interesting and entertaining characters have bonded well on the sets and share a great rapport to the extent that their chemistry has been referred to as the popular Tom & Jerry cartoon series.
Sources suggest that Rahul is always seen teasing Shrashti on the set. He always used to pull Shrashti’s leg and make fun of her deliberately so that she gets annoyed by him. They shares a chemistry of Tom and Jerry. They used to fight or argue and then the unit used to notice them laughing and hanging out after all the fights and arguments.
Interestingly, Rahul used to call Shrashti ‘Child labour’ since she was the youngest among all on the set. Shrashti later got used to of Rahul calling her ‘child Labour’ and also used to response when he used to her by that name.
Shaadi Teri Bajayenge Hum Band is scheduled to release on 23rd March, 2018.