Star Plus show Ikyawann brings another twist for the audience

The unexpected and interesting twists lined up one after another -in the ongoing show Ikyawann – have successfully managed to take the show on top of the TRP charts. After Leela’s success in creating differences between Susheel and Satya’s relationship, the story is going to take another turn where Susheel is all set to take revenge for the problems she was made to face.

Talking about what next the show is bringing for the audience, Prachi Tehlan, who is portraying the character of Susheel said, “It’s going to be interesting now. Though Leela is cleverly playing her game, Susheel is equally ready to give it back to her, in Susheel’s style.”

The story, as of now, is showing how Susheel is in search of a chip that would show the true colours of Leela. She ultimately gets successful in her search but Leela tries hard to divert everyone’s attention by turning herself into a cat. She bites her, irritates her and in a way tries to harm her throughout.

Now, It would be interesting to see what happens next. Will Susheel be able to expose Leela’s wrong deeds through the chip? Or will she once again become the victim of Leela’s dirty plans?

We need to keep watching the show so as to get answers to all these questions.