Alka Yagnik, Pooja Chopra and Shibani Kashyap add glamour and style to the Grand Finale of Perfect Miss & Mr. Teen

By Vaibhavi Kharat

The Grand Finale of Perfect Miss & Mr. Teen was a sparkling event. The organisers of the event have another glorious night to add to their many successful events in the past years of doing this show.  The event was held on 30th May at the St. Andrews Auditorium in Bandra. The idea behind the event was to bring out the talents among the teens and unlock their potential. The organisers wanted them to not just bind themselves with just their studies. With the show coming to an end we can say safely they have accomplished their great initiative. It has the potential in the coming years to grow into a platform where the youngsters can explore and showcase their hidden talents and qualities.

Guru Bhai Thakkar and Khushi Thakkar were the hosts for the night accompanied by Dr Geet. S. Thakkar. Bollywood actress Pooja Chopra who has been the winner for Femina Miss India 2009 along with playback singers Alka Yagnik and Shibani Kashyab were invited to be the judges for the glittery night. The presence of the three ladies mesmerised and elevated the honour of the event. Pooja Chopra being a model for years showed her enthusiasm and motivated the young contestants with her words during the press conference. Alka Yagnik expressed her excitement to see the talent on display and was curious to see how each would perform and their ideology and thought process behind showcasing their talent. Shibani Kashyab who judged the contestants pointed out how today’s generation was and the way they carry themselves. All in all it was a night everyone who attended would remember for a long time.