Veere Di Wedding Movie Review: Veere Di Wedding is here to redefine friendship goals



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Cast: Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar, Shikha Talsania, Sumeet Vyas, Manoj Pahwa, Vivek Mushran and others
Director: Shanshanka Ghosh

Rating: 3 Stars ***

What is it about: 
If you feel that Veere Di Wedding is another quintessential chic flick or feminist movie, you are wrong. It is not. The movie is about four childhood friends Kalindi(Kareena Kapoor),  Avni(Sonam), Sakshi (Swarabhaskar),  Meera(Shikha) who are as thick as thieves and even after stepping into adulthood their bond of friendship remain as strong as ever despite their respective lives taking different turns.  Kalindi is living in Australia with her boyfriend(Sumeet Vyas). She is yearning for love but is commitment phobic.  Sonam, on the other hand is a divorce lawyer who ironically is desperate to get married and have babies. Sakshi is a spoilt abuse spewing brat who had a 3.5 crore worth wedding at a very young age only to later realise that she married the wrong person. Meera is married to a foreigner, a fact that her family couldn’t digest owing to which she broke all ties with her family.
The film is a reflection of how our modern society still cannot come out of their old school perceptions about women and how our four female characters struggle in their respective lives to find a way to get acceptance and love. The movie is all about making mistakes and learning from them; getting punished for your own mistakes and not somebody else’s mistake.
What is good:
The film openly discusses topics like sex,  love and relationships, things that will find vast acceptance among the youth of today. Swara leads the bold brigade by bringing ample oomph to the table with her uber hot outfits and her propensity to mouth choicest of Hindi abuses. She brings life to her character with her effortless acting and boldness. Kareena is her usual charming self looking picture perfect in every frame. Sonam makes a seamless transformation as a divorce lawyer and plays it with perfection. Shikha makes an impressive Hindi film debut with a role that sees her standing confidently with her other much exerienced co-stars.
The film succeeds in entertaining and also delivers a strong message about how our society despite adopting the broadminded western culture is still extremely conservative when it comes to deciding a  woman’s character. The movie highlights that there is no need to shy away from the society and suffocate yourself by over analysing or running away from living your life or taking risks. One does not need to justify people for their actions only because she is a girl but when needed should also shut them up.
What is bad:
Veere Di Wedding acts as billboards for many brands like Amul, Uber, Air India, Airtel etc all of which get strategically placed in the movie much to the irratation of viewers. It is about time time moviemakers realise that brand placements though a good cost cutting exercise doesn’t exactly make for a great movie viewing experience for the common man.
Watch it or Miss it:
Definitely a one time watch for both guys and girls.