Everyone is offended by everything 2018: Varun Dhawan

Written by: Pratiksha Shetty

Amish Tripathi, the author of the fastest selling book series in Indian publishing history – Shiva Trilogy, held a cover launch of his upcoming book ‘Suheldev & The Battle of Bahraich’ in Bandra, Mumbai. The writing of the book was assisted by Vikas Singh, author of ‘Bhima: The Man in the Shadows’. The historical fiction is based on Raja Suheldev and the battle fought in 1025 AD that drove the Turks away for 170 years. It is the first book from the new series- Indic Chronicles which is said to explore ignored heroes from history. Suheldev is characterized as a fierce rebel who is relaxed and fun loving until the death of his older brother who dies while defending the Somnath Temple from an attack. This is a clear reflection of his arch from a boy to a man.

Tripathi was accompanied by ‘his partner in crime’, Vikas Singh and actor Varun Dhavan to unveil the cover of the new book. Amish mentioned that there’s hidden symbolism across all his book covers. Dhavan said that he was intrigued when he read ‘The Immortals of Meluha’ and wondered if he would ever get to play a part like that and joked about being too short for the role. He also said that people should be proud because Indian writers are making headlines all across the globe and that it is time we look up to Indian heroes and not someone from the west. Varun then moved on to ask the two authors if they ever fought, to which Vikas diplomatically said they had ‘creative discussions’.


The Badlapur actor also revealed that he would like to play Lord Shiva if there was ever an adaptation of Tripathi’s books. He also mentioned that he likes to read Biographies and that he admires Supandi. “Everyone’s offended with everything in 2018” said Varun when asked if actors are careful before taking up historical movies as some part of the audience always takes an offense. He further said that he’s not skeptical about getting into that genre but mentioned that he does get scared when a biography role is offered. He then said that if he had to do someone’s biography, it would of his father, David Dhawan. When asked what would be the most interesting chapter from a book based on his life, if there was one, he said that it would be when he was in his last year of college in Nottingham and was performing scenes from Bollywood movies in his room instead of writing his essays. He also mentioned that he decided on becoming an actor in his last year of college. Thanks to that life changing decision, Bollywood now has our handsome hunk!