If you leave fashion in my hands, you will see me in pajamas : Mithila Palkar

Interviewed by: Vani Krishnan

Chapter 3 of Girl In The City –  Meera will release digitally by the end of this month. Bollywoodwallah had a special preview in town recently with the cast and crew in tow where we caught up with Mithila Palkar, Rajat Barmecha and Swati Vatssa for a special interaction. Excerpts from our conversation.

Would you like to say something about the character Meera Sehgal in chapter 3 of Girl In The City?

Mithila Palkar : Girl In The City, where the character Meera Sehgal, is striving to achieve for the last two years is finally taking a turn in the right direction. Meera has hopefully learnt from the mistakes she has made in the past few years. I know in the last two seasons, we have only seen her struggling with shrewd people who dominate her but this year it’s going to be Meera going on her own!

 What are the struggles which Meera will face this year?

 Mithila Palkar : Well this time, Meera wants to achieve something out of her own creativity. Honestly there is not much we can say right now before the trailer release. But I can promise you it’s going to be a lot of fun! Meera’s journey like I said, has been a one with a lot of struggles and now she is finally taking the direction she has always wanted to. This is it! It’s big or break. It can go either way. If it works out that’s great and if it doesn’t turn out as planned, she will have to go back to her hometown, Dehradun. So let’s see what happens!

Swati Vatssa : There are a lot of twists and turns that you will see! We can’t tell anything about it now.

In real life, is Mithila totally different from Meera? You are a rebel, you have always wanted to take up challenges and define conventions but Meera is quite submissive, she’s being dominated on. How do you equate that? Meera and Mithila?

Mithila Palkar : I don’t think you can equate it because they are very different characters. There are obviously some similarities. In some aspects they’re alike, in some others, they’re starkly different. But it can’t be said that Meera isn’t a rebel! If not for the rebel in her, she wouldn’t have left home and come to Mumbai! But the major difference in character is Meera’s and Mithila’s idea of romanceMithila is very old school. (chuckles)

Can you talk a bit of the characters Sameera and Karthik in Girl In The City?

Swati Vatssa : We are playing the roles of Meera’s best friends in season 1 and 2. Many people may not know about it much. I am Sameera and Rajat is Karthik. In chapter 3, you will see how we are encouraging each other in careers and relationships. I can’t tell much otherwise I’ll end up revealing the story.

Rajat, you having played the role of a chef in season 1 and 2, have you ever cooked anything behind scenes?

Rajat Barmecha : Well I have cooked in real life, but I haven’t cooked anything for them yet (points at Mithila and Swati and laughs). Rajat is not as good as Karthik but I have definitely experimented a lot with sandwiches and coffee.

Mithila Palkar : According to Swati, he makes good cold coffee!

Rajat Barmecha : Good is an understatement! I make excellent coffee! (laughs)

You all are looking so fabulous today! Which fashion icons do you follow in Bollywood?

Mithila Palkar : If you ever leave fashion in my hands, you will see me in pajamas! My stylist is a boon in my life! (laughs)

Rajat Barmecha: In my case if it’s left to me or not, you will always see me in pajamas!

Swati Vatssa : Well, I like a lot of fashion icons in Bollywood. I love Kangana Ranaut, Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor.


In the series, Meera has a lot of hangover in fashion designing. Has it influenced you in real life?

Mithila Palkar : No. (chuckles) In the sense, I have successful, manageable clothing but I am actually not very fashion forwarded as a person. It is a good question but strangely to a large extent that part hasn’t changed. It hasn’t had too much of an influence over me. I am not very fashion or brand conscious. I like to wear anything that is comfortable! That’s just who I am!

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