I am rediscovering my roots as an actress again – Pallavi Sarraf


Actress Pallavi Sarraf, late Inderkumar’s wife is on a journey to rediscover her acting roots again. Pallavi who started out as an actress before taking a semi retirement after her marriage to actor Inder Kumar is now back in form having found her love for acting again. And to retrace her roots, Pallavi shed her inhibitions by doing a glamorous, bold shoot with a photographer friend, Andre Unger.

Dressed in a sexy black bra top, Pallavi found herself at ease while facing the camera again. “It was an easy shoot to do as I was shooting with my friend Andre. He made me feel very comfortable and I knew the pics would look classy and not vulgar. And the result has been terrific. Many are appreciating me for it.”

While praise has flown in, there are a few others who have been criticising her by saying had Inder been alive he wouldn’t have allowed her to do the shoot. Negating these thoughts, Pallavi clarified, ” Inder was the most supportive husband ever. He never told me to not act. He always supported whatever I wanted to do. It was my decision to take a backseat in acting as I wanted to focus on bringing up my daughter. Now since my daughter has also grown a little and matured intellectually, I think I can take some time out to chase my dreams.”

While bold is just one aspect, Pallavi is certain that she will never wear a full lingerie look. “I want to look bold in a nice way. I do have my limits. I want to do meaningful roles that will help me showcase my skill as an actress.”