In conversation with Prof. Hari Kurup about his debut book – 7 Personas of Eve

Prof. Harikrishnan Kurup recently turned author with his debut book – 7 Personas of Eve released on the eve of Women’s Day. The book co-authored by Prof. Hari and Dr. Anju Kapoor, Principal of SVKM’s UPG college narrates real life inspirational tale of 7 everyday women and their rise to success despite all odds. Bollywoodwallah spoke to Prof. Kurup about his debut book, the challenges he faced while writing it and future plans. Excerpts from the interview.

Congrats on your debut as an author. How does it feel?
Thank you so much! It is a magical feeling to have your name on the cover of a book.
How did the book happen?
I happened to write a short story on one of the defining incidences in my co-author’s life. And the idea stuck that we should collaborate on a few other stories she had in mind. She wanted to write a book of short stories about a few strong women since a long time. The stories kept growing and well the rest as they say is history.
Personally which story touched you the most?
They are all our babies and we aren’t supposed to have favourites. But if you prod me real hard I might end up revealing that i have a soft spot for Kaushalya’s Partition.
What were the challenges in writing it?
These are real stories of real women. I had a responsibility to them not to trivialise their stories even while we were taking some creative liberties to fictionalise certain portions. The challenge is in narrating their tale so as to let the reader believe they are reading a story but at the same time live the life of these women, experience what they experience.
What is coming up next?
Next up i have two stories close to my heart which i have been toying with for a really long time. I want to get down to completing those two and then who knows maybe write the script for a film. (Laughs as he signs off)