Tara-Tiger VS Ananya-Tiger. Which Jodi did you like more?

As if hooking up with Alia Bhatt in the ‘Hook Up’ song wasn’t enough,Tiger Shroff is too busy romancing not one but two newcomers in the songs ‘Fakira’ and ‘Jat Ludhiyane Da’ featuring Ananya Pandey and Tara Sutaria. Unlike Alia Bhatt ,the leggy lasses do find it a bit hard not to tower over their love interest in almost every single frame of the songs, but nevertheless the chemistry charms.

While ‘Jat Ludhiyane Da’ shows Tara as a chirpy ,cheerful, seemingly head -over- heels, crushing over Shroff’s pricey character, ‘Fakira’ shows Ananya’s character on a rebellious, queen bee light – especially, in a scene where she interrupts Tiger ad Tara’s selfie together by putting herself in between them, giving major ‘Poo’ vibes. However, the songs are beautifully sung and what adds even more to it  is the choreography, where the lead actors who are supposedly playing students, dance on a hanging bridge,beside a river bank, even in the river and atop various roofs.
Tara Sutaria easily glides into the girl next door persona ,at ease with her smooth romance with her costar, confident in taking advances towards the same ; whereas Ananya Pandey is on fire with her spoilt heiress avatar, impressing Tiger with her dancing skills and come- get – me attitude. Both ladies have not wasted any opportunity in wooing the lead man.
Well only time will tell who is going to get who but meanwhile, which onscreen couple did you like?